Race:Catgirl Age:26 Gender:Female Height:5'8" Weight:135lb
A chill fills the room as a warrior enters, her armor slightly frosty. As she takes off her helmet, her long blue hair falls past her shoulders, framing her face. The woman looks around the room, the icy gaze of her blue crystal eyes falling upon another fighter on the other side of the room. She marches up to him as her catlike tail waves with excitement and says, "You seem strong. I challenge you to a duel. It shall end whenever the other yields. Do you accept?" He declines after taking a good look at the flamberg on her back.

-can shine with a light blue aura
-has the power to conjure, control, and move across ice
-the ice she conjures can only be broken by non-magical flames
-is capable of freezing projectiles i.e. arrows, bolts, throwing knives in midair, making them drop to the ground in front of her
-immune to all transformation effects
-cannot age
-handy with her flamberg

-has no understanding of romance
-will only kill opponents she deems worth disposing of, causing many enemies to come back for revenge