Blaine flinched as the cold air attacked his face, tossing his curly hair, he reached forward for his husband but stopped short, his hand coming to rest at his side. He stared at the...thing that Kurt had brought out. It was shaped a bit like a motorcycle helmet, except it was extremely padded like those helmets that children with disabilities might wear, the doctors had given it to Kurt at the hospital to make sure that his head went without damage.

“Are you sure I'll be allowed to stay at your dad's?” he asked, hand trembling even after he had put on the helmet, with Kurt checking to see if it was on well enough. “I mean,” he looked away awkwardly, “He doesn't have anything against us sharing a bed or anything?”

He was so nervous, even if he was accepted at the Hummel house, there was a high possibility that they would meet with someone from the New Directions that they knew or someone from their school years who was visiting their own relatives. Kurt had mentioned something about a party on the twenty-third and inviting Rachel but he had only caught snippets.

“I don't know if I'm comfortable, seeing everyone again, but...” he bit his lip not wanting to say the words, “It really could be my last time to do so.”