Time for a story, readers... Now... who am I? I've been popping up every now and then... but no one knows. Recently, on some online games, I've become... public enemy! But why? A short trilogy... of the history of Lance3588. Uh... me. [No, I shall keep my name a secret. I feel more legendary!]
Disclaimer: Still the good guy, just need to stay on the right path!

Part I: Innocence.

As time progressed, a very curious thought came to me... Online games against other players! It'll be fun! 2007, I played my first game on a console online... I was in shock and awe of how awesome it was. The competition was fierce and challenging, but also friendly! It was a mech game, but the twist was this: I was playing with people from Japan! After obtaining the right modem, I finally was able to play online with my system at will. I played a racing game! This was a bit more chaotic, as people were not on teams, and we all only wanted the gold. Unfortunately, being fair and friendly behind the wheel in the wasteland is a bad idea, as I lost horribly... Last place, didn't finish, or got decimated... Somehow, I got a few wins with clean racing... and avoiding the other racers... Those cheeky racers were nothing compared to GTA's spin of racing... I faced reckless madmen, gun chases, and the vile RPG/roadblocks, which had only a 25% chance for a skilled driver to escape [alive] if he dared to drive through... Playing the good guy there was costing me, And I got booted a few times for being the 1st across the finish line! [I didn't kill any other drivers... Guess they don't like me...] It was just at this point, comical as there was nothing but anarchy and EXPLOSIONS...

Then all had changed when I entered the shooting genre online... [To be continued...]