Even when you're not with me you're here
Even when you don't talk to me everything you've said is running through my head and like an idiot I sit there replying to everything
You've told me that you want me to let you go
But I don't ever want to let you go

I can let you go because you want to let me go
I will never forget you or ever stop loving you you though
Everyone tells me to move on and forget but I will always tell them no
I would rather live in the past then live in the present
I would rather have your arms around me for all eternity then face the facts that you never want to hold me again

Maybe some day I'll let you back through this wall I've put up
You use to be able to just walk right through
But now you don't want to so I wont let you
I wish you would come through this wall and put your arms around me
I know you wont you will never again
But if you did you would find the girl that loves you and always will

Every day I miss you and think of you till I'm sick and just want to forget it all
The pain is greater then anything I've ever felt before
You could take this pain away but I know you wont
If you're in pain I wish you would let me take it away as I once did
I know you never will so I'll just wait here behind this wall forever
I just wish I knew if you were on the other side of that wall
Do you still feel as I do?
I will never know I wish I could take this wall down but I never will
Unless I knew you were on the other side waiting for me too...