Silence Fits This Time

There's nothing left to love
And there is no air left to breathe
There is nothing left to fell
And no words left to scream
Not even a goodbye is appropriate
Silence fits this time of my walking away
I don't understand at first
How we'd succumbed to slow decay
But I know who I am now
Without you I've become strong
You expect me to lie down and die
But heart break can only kill us for so long
Now i'm not looking back
I'm giving you the same harsh reality you gave me
I'm not giving you any second chances
My new found wings have set me free
I"m over what we were
Because I don't hold on to the lies
Don't convince yourself I'm in denial
I have nothing left to deny
You're the one who broke promises
And it is you who have to pay
From here on out I forget that you excited
And until the day I die I'll remember you only as a game
I'm sorry to say that I do not miss you
But i'm sorrier yet that I don't love you at all anymore
Though I don't know why I"m apologizing to you
When you're the one with things to apologize for