On almost all of the girl posts I have made, their has been people PM me and call me sexist, wrong and rude. Excuse me but... I am a girl, so I cannot be sexist and if I am, get over it. When I say things that girls do or annoying types of girls, it doesn't mean that I am singling out a few specific girls. This blog post in general is not about things that every girl does, but more about things that girls do that annoys me. Just because it says girls, doesn't mean that every girl does it. Anyone who has an opinion about my blog needs to put their big girl pants on and calm their ovaries.

1) Going to the bathroom in groups
I don't know why but it seems that whenever one girl needs to go to the bathroom, she'll invite four other people to come with her. I don't get it. I am a girl and I am capable of going to the bathroom by myself, so what makes you require your whole clique to come with you? I don't know what you all do in the bathroom together, and to be honest, I am not sure if I want to know.

2) Sending nudes
I think I also mentioned this in my "Things teenage girls need to stop" post but whatever, it is also a stupid thing girls do. I don't know if you all have heard of Amanda Todd or not, and please don't take this the wrong way because she was an amazing girl and her death struck everyone. Anyway, Amanda Todd sent nudes to someone and he emailed them to everyone. She was bashed, abused, arrested at a time and humilated to the point where she committed suicide. I am not saying that all nudes lead to this, but you don't know who is going to be saving or viewing this photo.

3) Talking crap about their friends
I don't know about other schools but at the school I attend, this is a real issue. A group of three girls for instance, one isn't at school and the other two b*tch about her, and then when one of those girls is away, the other two will complain about the other. They love their friends, but they hate them at the same time. I do not get it. You either stick by your friends or find someone else who you won't b*tch about.

4) Putting meaningless emojis at the end of every text
Sure, adding a smiley or sad face at the end of a conversation is alright, but when you are constantly adding three or more emojis after every sentence, it gets annoying. This is almost as worse as the whole "k" after a paragraph situation. Let me set you girls straight... adding a smiley, sad face, surprise face, penguin and arrow doesn't make you cute or funny, it makes you seem bipolar.

5) Hashtagging everything
Instagram, facebook and twitter have hashtags for a reason, but the reason is definitely for you to add 70 irrelevant hashtags to a selfie. This is just a dumb way to gain followers and likes on a photo that has nothing to do with the hashtags. Please explain to me how a selfie with a plain white background require the hashtag music, love and sexy?

6) Acting dumb to get a guy's attention
Excuse me but since when is being a complete dumbass attractive? Oh wait, it isn't! Failing classes is fine, but doing it on purpose is pathetic. How are five straight fails going to look on your resumé? I think horrible. I don't know about all guys, but I asked a few of my guy mates and they said that they prefer a girl with brains. You don't have to have the answers to everything, but knowing a few things or more isn't a crime.

7) Getting drunk every weekend
If you are of legal age and get drunk only once a month, twice at the maximum and it is safely and on the weekend, that is fine. The girls who are young, so around 14-17 and get drunk every night, partying and driving whilst drunk is just stupid. How is drinking at 15 going to help you in later life? Lots of teenage girls these days are drinking, and so do I. The difference between me drinking and other girls drinking though is that they drink alcohol at parties, and I drink apple juice in my bedroom with mean girls playing.

8 ) Going to the mall just to try on clothes (without any intentions of buying them)
This is just a dumb one. The changing rooms in clothing stores are for people to see what size they need, or whether a certain clothing item would suit them; not for stupid girls alike yourselves to go in and spend hours having an in-mall fashion show. Do yourselves a favour and stop.

9) Sexting
How is sending a crude and dirty text to a guy going to gain their respect for you? If the guy is a complete sleaze and only interested in you for sex and popularity, then you'll fool them but any reasonable guy will not want a dirty text and if anything, it will get them less interested in you.