Alright, facebook by itself is pretty annoying and full of creepy people and wrong photos but the people on facebook vary. By vary, I mean good and bad but here I bring to you, 6 types of facebookers.
1) The Over-The-Top Couple
This couple seems to need to show everyone on facebook just how much they love each other. This is shown by constant photos of them together, along with videos and kissing pics, then statuses and writing on each other's walls, followed by constant reminders and events they are holding. Not only is it annoying, but it also lets the person know how forever alone they really are.
2) The Exaggerator/Drama Llama
This person makes everything sound better than it really was. They have a way of making the smallest things into the biggest of deals and doing so provides many status updates and a lot of capitals, explamation points and bad grammar.
3) The Troll
I think we are all secretly trolls deep down. The troll is someone who goes around, spamming and poking continuously. This person is also known to annoy people and cause much trouble on other people's walls, photos and statuses. They speak nothing but fluent nonsense.
4) The Gamer
I know what you are thinking; oh, the person who posts new game recommendations and are really cool. EHHH... WRONG. That "ehhhh" was the buzzer. The gamer is that one moron who does not do anything on facebook but play games and send you multiply requests for games you do not play, nor have an interest in.
5) The Eagle
The eagle is the one person who never posts anything, always has their online status set as offline, never likes anything but they are always online. He/she is always watching over you, reading all your posts and stalking you. This person is so quiet but knows so much.
6) The Dumbass
I think it is pretty self explanatory but if you are a dumbass, then I'll explain. The dumbass is the facebooker who uses no grammar, spells words really bad, using numbers as letters and likes anything he/she sees. They don't know anything and are usually really fun people in reality, but stupid as hell on facebook.