Yep, another list of annoying bullshit from me, get over it. I hope some of you can relate to this list of things that suck, because if not, it means I am just negative.
1- People who drive too close behind you
2- Stepping in dog poo
3- Slow internet connection
4- People who chew loudly
5- Telemarketers calling you non-stop
6- Stubbing your toe
7- Not saving work you spent hours on
8- Spam emails
9- Leaving paper in your pocket and putting that clothing in the washing machine
10- Advertisment breaks on television
11- People reading over your shoulder
12- Getting gum or blu tac in your hair
13- Being behind people on a pathway and not being able to walk past them + they are so slow
14- Thirdwheeling
15- Running out of toilet paper
16- Flies
17- "k" after you write a whole paragraph
18- Trying to find the end of sticky tape
19- Burning your toast
20- Breaking a nail
21- PDA