I'll just come straight out and say it; I am mean and sexist and completely against women degrading guys and treating them like s**t and basically stereotyping the; it is pathetic. Here are some things that females need to realise about guys.

1) Guys do not know how to read minds, so tell them how you are feeling or what's wrong because they can't guess everything

2) Guys are not to be used to make other guys jealous

3) Ending a conversation with "whatever" or "ok then" with an eyeroll is not okay

4) Guys are more emotional than you think; don't toy with their emotions

5) Most of time guys don't mean to hurt you and are often jokes taken the wrong way

6) Guys do not want to hear about your exes, especially when you are dating them and telling them about previous boyfriends

7) It is okay for a guy to cry; he doesn't laugh at you when you cry so back off

cool A guy does not always have to make the first move

9) It is natural for guy's eyes to wander

10) It is not that guy doesn't want to make you happy but more that he doesn't know how to as you don't drop any hints or tell him; as I mentioned, he is not a mind reader

11) Not all guys are jerks

12) Guys like to play video games okay, they don't interupt you during your time in the bathroom or when you are painting your nails etc... let them do their thing

13) Guys hate it when girls act dumb