There is no denying that teenage girls are a whole new species of humans until they reach their twenties, I mean, we are confusing, hormal, raged, emotional, stupid, obsessed, annoying and many more things surrounding popular subjects. Here are some things that girls around the ages of 14-18 need to stop doing.

1) Complaining that there are no available and good men available

-You are only young, you have the rest of your life to find someone

2) Talking s**t about their 'friends'

-Omg, this happens to me all the time; friends act all sweet to you but behind your back they b***h about you like crazy

3) Sending n***s

-Do you not get that this can ruin your life and is also illegal at this age?

4) Spray tanning

-Say hello to skin cancer at the age of 16

5) Wearing way too much make up

-You look like my three year old cousin's colouring book.. just stop it

6) Putting others down to feel better about yourself

-There are better ways to gain confidence than to make someone else miserable

7) Guy jumping (dumping someone and then having a boyfriend two minutes later)

-We are not frogs, guys are not lilly pads so do yourself a favour and stop jumping

cool Not being happy unless they have a boyfriend

-You are young, a boyfriend should be the least of your worries

9) Judging guys by looks

-Maybe they judge you too... and I bet their estimate is true; you are a rude and selfish cow