Just a note; when I say everyone, I do not literally mean everyone but mainly people in general as in what most people do. That my friends is how you make a fool of yourself and make no sense -.- Anyway, here are 8 things that I reckon many people do.

1: That dance you do when you wait for the toilet to be available
I don't know whether people do this to keep it in or to stop it from coming out but although we know it doesn't work, we continue to dance around in attempt to stop ourselves from Niagara falling everywhere.

2: Turning the microwave off at 1 second left
I always do this; mainly for habit but also because I always make bets with myself and usually challenge myself to see if I can manage to turn it off and open it before the timer goes off; childish, I understand.

3: Flipping the pillow to get the cold side
Ever have those nights when you just cant sleep and then you flip the pillow.. you instantly fall in love with it and go to sleep. I know I do.

4: Draw on foggy windows
I get yelled at for doing this; apparently it wrecks them, but often I write stuff backwards and draw random crap on the windows when they are foggy or breath hard on them so they become foggy razz

5: Say "Your welcome" really loud when someone doesn't say thank you
Of course I am a fluent b***h and tend to do this a lot, along with saying other crap and then changing it when they ask what I said; that is how I roll.

6: Spending the last 2 minutes the shower actually washing as you spent 20 minutes thinking
I actually make most of my decisions in the shower as not only am I alone but also because the warm water is soothing and I can think without someone shouting something inappropriate.

7: Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow.
I practically live by this. If I hear that we have an assignment due and we have the weekend to do it, I will wait until Monday morning to actually struggle to do it; or I'll pull the "I left it at home" bullshit.

8: Borrowing a pen... adopting it as your own.
Lol, half of the pens in my pencil aren't even mine; I swear, most of them I have permanently borrowed from people; some not even from the same school as me.