We all have those phrases and words that we tend to overuse and say more than the normal person would; anyhow, here are seven things that I tend to say more than I should.

1: Whatever
There is no real reason behind me saying this, partly because this word is half the vocabulary of a teen girl's mind but also because it can finish any conversation; or relationship.

2: I'll do it later
The fact is, when I say I'll do it later, we all know that it is now getting done unless it is against my own will; and even then I probably wouldn't.

3: Hang on
We all know that when a girl says hang on, you'll be hanging on for a long time; I often say this when I am on the computer and my Mum calls me for tea or tells me to do something.

4: Who do you think you are?
Whenever someone says "who do you think you are" I always have a tendency to reply with "going round leaving scars" I don't know why; maybe I listen to the song too much.

5: Calm your ovaries
Yes, this one is definitely something I over use and to be honest, it annoys A LOT of people and in class it tends to get be seated up the front away from my mates.

6: Just one more
Even been in that situation where you are eating something really nice and you go to stop and you are all like just one more yet one more turns to three more, then five more, and soon the box is empty and you're on your way to the market!

7: Don't drop that durka durk eh...
Admit it, you find it catchy to but ever since I heard that tune; and made it my ringtone, it has been plastered in my head and I tend to catch myself singing it; sometimes in class or on the phone..