I probably watch way too many horror movies but they have taught me a few things just in case there is a zombie apocalypse or someone tries to kill me while I am in the shower; probably not the first one. Here are five things that horror movies have taught me.

1: Never split up from the group
It seems that in every bad horror movie that I have seen; the group splits up and suddenly, they all end up dead. Just look at the wrong turn series when everyone ends up slaughtered and eaten.. eaten I tell you!

2: Never walk in a building and say "hello"
This gives you away every time! It isn't like the killer is going to reply with "I'm in the kitchen mate, want a sandwich?" It is so unrealistic because if I thought a killer was in my house, I wouldn't enter and start talking and expect a greeting back.

3: Never walk outside after a hearing a noise
In horror movies, sometimes the character is just sitting around inside their home when they heard a noise; and what do they do? Instead of calling the police, locking the doors or hiding, they go outside! The killer is outside hun, it isn't a child selling cookies at midnight.

4: Never say "we are safe"
Whenever you say "we are safe" while in a horrible situation, you jinx yourself and... end up dead like the rest of the group. Try something like "we are screwed" or "I am going to die"

5: Never pick up the phone when you are home alone
Okay, so if you are home alone... at night... and the phone rings, do not answer it. This happens in so many movies that I expect it to happen in most; it won't be pizza hut offering you a two for one deal... if it is, I apologise.

Don't do any of those things and you might live; if you don't, sucks to be you.