This one isn't directed to anyone in general but mainly overall stereotypes and personalities of girls that annoy me; along with things they do that just tend to bug me. Please allow me to note that not all girls are one of these; some types of girls aren't listed below because this is "Types of girls I hate" and I would not list that type of girl if they didn't annoy me.

1: The girl who is not happy unless she has a boyfriend
Omg, this happens way too much. We all know that one girl who is literally depressed and lonely if she does not have a boyfriend hanging from her arm; usually these girls are around the age of 12-15 anyway... You have the rest of your life to be a bimbo, why be one now?

2: The girl who 'borrows' and never give back
Just like the above one, we all have a friend who does this also. This girl will borrow your curling iron, your dress... your boyfriend one some occasions. But that "borrow" soon turns to keep as that item never comes back to you.

3: The girl who is always at your place
Okay, I get it; some friends who allow in your house and allow them to come and stay whenever you want but we all know that one girl who you really don't like and she reckons you absolutely adore her; so much that she'll just welcome herself into your home whenever she wants; she'll eat your food, take over your shower, sleep on your bed, borrow your clothing... she is basically a clone of you.

4: The girl who brags about everything
This type of girl is the female definition of a douchebag. She'll brag about the smallest things and often make them sound better than it actually was, for instance, here is an example. Let's just call this girl... annoyance.

Annoyance: So, I slept with ________ last night and then he left, like what the f****
Me: Umm... okay.
Annoyance: But it was great though... and he does know how to work them tools of his.
Me: That may have been an over share.
Annoyance: But I would gladly be his booty call on a Friday night...

5: That girl who is way to dramatic
So, I usually say that we all know "a" girl like this, but reality; we know MANY girls like this. They will dramatise over anything, from a nearby bee to chipping a nail... get over it girls.

6: That one girl who acts dumb
Most girls who act dumb only do it for a guy's attention but sweetie, I'll just tell you now; acting dumb doesn't make you attractive, if anything, it turns a guy off; unless that guy is a super player who knows that dumb girls give easy access to the pants.

7: The girls who spend FOREVER in the bathroom
I am not a normal girl okay; No, I don't have guy parts or speak all languages but I do however manage to keep my promise when I say "I'll just get ready, one minute" I won't take three hours instead of one minute. Girls who do this really irritate me.

8: Those girls who can't go to the bathroom without another girl with them
Wtf is up with this? I see this so much in class and at school that when one girl goes to the bathroom; she'll take her whole damn clique; What do you girls do in there together? Braid each other's eye lashes? I don't see guys going to the bathroom together so why do you all feel the need to do it.

9: The girls who do this:

Girl: Nobody has a crush on me
Girl 2: No, that guy in maths class totally has a crush on you
Girl: Ew, he's ugly

Far out ladies; you whine about being lonely, yet here you are being pickier than ever; EVER! You say you want a boyfriend but reject anyone who doesn't meet your pathetic and high standards. Maybe one day a guy will stoop to your level and allow his standards to drop very low just to date you.

So I reckon I could write a non-stop list about types of girls that I hate but these are just the top 9 that I could think of, but girls; don't think I am being sexist because I will do types of guys that I hate also.