Habits; we all have them, some are biting your nails and others are strange superstitions. I have come up with a list of my horrible habit. Okay, let's get going.

1: Changing the song half way through it
I have no idea why but when I am listening to my Ipod, I'll just change the song to another; most of the time it is because I get sick of the song.

2: Letting the bath water out
So when I am in the bath and just relaxing, I'll often take the plug out and let the water out whilst the water is still coming out of the tap. I do it because it makes the water hotter without having to overflow.

3: Flipping the pillow to the cold side
Okay, we all do this one. I lie in bed at night and when I am uncomfortable, I'll just randomly flip my pillow to the cold side and then I'll be asleep straight after.

4: Bubble baths
I don't know why this one happens but when I have a bubble bath, I put way too much bubble bath mixture in and the bath tub is then like... 80% bubbles.

5: Sleeping in what I wore that day
It isn't because I can't be bothered changing or because I am extremely tired, I'll just go straight to bed in what I wore that day; from a dress, to jeans, to denim shorts. I'll sleep in it.

6: Eavesdropping
We have all done it at some point but I do it a lot; whenever I see someone on their phone and I think I hear my name or something, I'll be like a spy and lean against the wall and listen; half the time it is irrelevant to me anyway.

7: Charging electronics all night
Literally every night I'll go to bed and keep my computer and phone plugged in to charge, I don't know why; maybe because I use them in the morning and might be too lazy to charge them... I have no idea.

8: Chewing on my earphones
So, when I have my earphones in, I'll often catch myself chewing on the lead... not the bud, but the leads of them and now I have wrecked a pair; stopped working, due to chewing on them.

9: Talking really loud
I'll be having a normal conversation with someone and then all of a sudden, my voice will become louder and louder. It really tends to annoy people.

10: Watching a movie over and over
After watching a movie and liking it, I will watch it heaps of times before I get bored; for example, LOL (Movie) I thought was a good movie and altogether, I have probably watched it about 130 times.