I am a teenage girl; of course there are more than 7 things I hate about people but writing them all may cause my fingers to bleed from obsessive typing. My key board would also die and that would be really sad if that happened because I own a MacBook Air. My baby. Anyway, let's do this.
1: People who cut in when I'm talking
This happens way too much to me, like, I'll just be having a conversation with someone and then someone else will come along and cut me off and then eventually... I am not even in the conversation anymore.

2: Those people who invite themselves to things that they were not invited to
When you mention that you are doing something on the weekend or going somewhere; they will just invite themselves along. Does anyone else have a friend like that; I have plenty.

3: People who get mad when they lose at something
I really hate when you win a game and then the person who lost will go crazy and yell and try to manipulate the rules to make it seem like they won; no, just no.

4: People who do not know any type of grammar or spelling
These people drive me crazy; I am a bit of a grammar nazi and correct everyone and like... have perfect spelling, I try to anyway. I see all the time, especially on Wattpad, people with really bad grammar and spelling. They talk like:

Guiz, I am g0in 2 the park on dah wekend, wunna com wif meh?????

5: People who explain the whole story line of a movie that you haven't seen
This happens to me all the time; I want to watch a movie because I think it will be good and then all of a sudden, someone explains the whole story line of it to me; every detail! It makes me not want to watch it because I know what it is all about.

6: When someone treats you different just because they are with their friends
Don't you just hate that one friend of yours that treats you so nice and is so friendly to you, but then when they are with their friends; they'll be all rude and insult you?

7: People starting an argument for no reason
This also tends to happen to me all the time; They will pick out the smallest fault in my writing or bring back something I said or did ages ago and attempt to start a fight over it.