Are you willing to deal with the consequences of your actions? That is the simplest form of happiness I can offer. If you want happiness just answer that question. And if your answer is yes, then do it! If it makes you happy go for it! No one is stopping you but yourself... It's all about causes and effects. Sure you're probably thinking, "Oh why is this guy repeating what any Language Arts/ English teacher would say?" Well to put it simply, they're right in one way or another. I know I could die happy knowing that I completed my ultimate goal. Some of you think that you have all the time in the world, some might think that nothing you do in this world will amount to anything, and some might think that they will disappear from this world without ever leaving their mark. I used to be one of those people. Still am. I am terrified of not being remembered and, in essence, dying. Death is a part of life and we cannot control that. It's impossible. However we can control what we accomplish with the time we have... and just knowing that makes me sort of feel better. There probably isn't a lot of people reading this right now so I could be just blabbing on about nothing to no one. In any case I hope this jumbled up madness helps you somehow. Until next time... ^__^