I have decided to write all of this down just in case I die soon. I feel like the world is losing it's mind, or maybe it's just me. Anyways, I better write this all down just on the slight chance someone finds my mangled burnt body and needs evidence on what the hell happened. I'll start at the beginning.

Just a couple years ago me and my old friends were going to go out and have fun one night. It was me, John, Phil, and Eric. I don't really go out much. I was kind of fighting them the whole way there. But they said they'd buy me dinner so hey, free dinner. Since my friends finally got my out of my place, they decided to go to the most crazy place they knew of: The Dancing Rabbit. Needless to say it was a strip club. I had never been to a strip club my whole life, but my friends loved them. I really wonder how I even became friends with these guys.
So we make it to the bar and the music was extremely loud. The only lights were the stage lights and the bar. The stage lights crawled around the room at alternating speeds that corresponded to the music playing. Bright blue neon light illuminated the bar, that part was actually pretty cool because it reminded me of tron. Now was no time to think about kid Disney movies, no sir, there were 80% naked women out there letting their freak out.
Naturally, I found a nice spot in the corner and sat there with my beer all alone. My friends called me a party-pooper and a lameo and John said, "Buddy you are Not going to just sit there all night. We finally got you out here and here you are doing the exact same thing at home." I simply shrugged at them as a reply.
They eventually gave up on me and went to go near the stages. So there I sat, watching the pretty much naked girls serving drinks and giving lap dances. I tried to stay invisible. I have had barely any real interaction with women. I had an internet relationship once, she ended up finding a guy in real life. I kissed a girl once, on a game of truth or dare. My friends called me the virgin marry sometimes just to tick me off. If any of these women approached me and asked if I wanted a lap dance, chances are they'd just get an inaudible squeak of a reply.
I sat there for maybe an hour, checking out the waitresses as they came by giving me another beer whenever I ran out. I had three and was getting pretty tipsy. So, like a responsible adult I just started to order waters. Another hour went by and I began to regain my soberness. Then I saw something at the corner of my eye. I turned my head and someone was just suddenly in the chair next to me facing in my direction.
Her outfit was orange, as far as i could tell with the bright different colored lights surrounding us. She had a lacy bra with feathers on the arm straps that dangled on her shoulders. Her skirt was so short that it simply looked like a small layer of cloth just lining around the waistband of her panties. She had on these big fluffy boots, I didn't really see the detail of them though because i was more focused on her face. I couldn't see her face. She was wearing this wooden mask that was in the shape of a foxes face. It was beautiful, in an artistic way. The wood sort of looked old and as if it had been dyed once or twice with multiple colors.
Her outfit looked like a sleazy Halloween costume compared to all the other strippers outfits. Maybe she was cos-playing. Maybe she was secretly an internet nerd like me.
"Uh.. Hello" I said kind of quietly. She said nothing and kept staring at me. At least I think she was staring, I couldn't see her eyes. Since I spoke so quietly, I figured she didn't hear me so I tried again, louder.
"Hey hot cheeks, come here often?" I was drunk and in a strip club, I figured I could pretty much say whatever I wanted without getting slapped. Still no reaction. It was pretty strange. Maybe she was just a slow stripper? I had no idea.
So a couple minutes go by and she hasn't moved, but I'm of course awkwardly fidgeting. A socially awkward hermit who spends majority of his days playing in the internet is stuck in a strip club being stared down by a masked, half naked woman who isn't saying anything. Yeah, it was awkward.
Suddenly one of the songs stopped playing and the fox mask looked towards the stages. Another song started playing, this one was very techno. I enjoyed techno, I actually knew this song. I turned to her and tried to make regular conversation, "I love this so-" but she was getting up.
She walked over and stood right in front of me. Oh god. I've never gotten a lap dance before. I froze in my seat fumbling with my words trying to explain that I've never been to a strip club and have never done anything like this.
I was avoiding eye contact with the holes in her wooden mask when he reached down and grabbed my hand then began pulling me until I stood up out of my seat. She held onto my hand with both of her hands behind her back leading me across the room. As we walked, I noticed that at the back of her skirt/panties she had this fake fox tail. I suppose it makes sense to have animal costumes at a place called The Dancing Rabbit.
The next thing I noticed was her back. There was a giant slanted scar the trailed all the away from her right shoulder blade to her lower left waist. I wonder how she got that. Maybe it'd be rude if I asked her. She didn't seem like she was trying to cover it up though. I looked up to see where she was taking me and noticed she was heading the the room right next to the bar labeled "Private Room"
Oh god oh god oh god. Is this really happening?
Regrettably, my hand started to get sweaty. That was kind of embarrassing. I could tell she noticed too because she gripped tighter on my hand and I swear I thought I heard her giggle. Her ponytail bounced slightly as we walked. I couldn't tell what hair color, the lighting was too crazy in there.
Right before she stepped into the private room, she made an immediate right. We walked right into the bar. The bartender was busy dealing with customers on the other side of the bar so he didn't notice us. We stood there for a few seconds. I was extremely confused why we were back here, but she acted cool and leaned against the bar. I remember that the song that was playing was building up. It slowly got higher and higher as the beat got quicker. The drop in that song was stupendous. Anyways, the girl with the mask scanned the club. She reached up putting her hand on my head and pushed me down forcing me to sit behind the bar. She actually had a lot of force in that push. I mean, I could probably totally overpower her, but I just followed her order. Why? Because people follow orders when they are confused. I squatted beneath the bar. Is this what strippers usually do? Am I supposed to be doing something right now? The music was just about to hit the drop when the masked girl sat down with me and held both of my hands. What the heck is happening? The suddenly the drop.
The loud music was interrupted by an even louder bang sound. The deep wub of the drop blasted at the walls of the room, but a sharper quicker blast pierced our ear holes. Gun shots were being fired. The music stopped and everyone started screaming and running around. I too almost ran but this masked girl still calmly held onto my hands. She put her finger to her mask telling me to keep quiet. She certainly seemed like she knew what was happening here.
Suddenly she let go of me and then in a swift move hopped over the bar into the gun fire. She must be one of those crazy people. "What the ********?" I mumbled my eyes wide with fear. I sort of squished myself into one of the bars cabinet things just in case the shooters looked over here. I was panicking. Pretty sure I started hyperventilating. What did that stripper do? Did she start this? Were things I kept asking myself.
The screaming was the scariest part. I figured the screaming would die down once everyone started running away but then I heard shouts saying, "They're locked! The doors won't open!" and everyone was trapped. The gun shots would not stop going. I covered my ears and waited. Even once everything was silent I waited. I heard footsteps just outside where I was hiding. I had half a mind to jump out and attack this person, I was freaking out so much. My survival instincts were blazing. The cabinet doors swung open and I saw the girl in the mask again. She didn't have any bullet wounds as far as I could tell. However she did have a pistol.
She took my hand and Tried to take me out of my hiding spot. Of course I pulled away yelling at her to let me go. That girl had a really strong grip. She let me go noticing that she was still holding a gun and then threw it away. She showed me both of her hands as if giving a sign saying she was unarmed. I simply stared at her, great you're unarmed, I'm still not going to budge.
So she grabbed my arm and yanked me out. Maybe she lifts cars as a work out. Anyway, I was terrified to find out what was outside of the bar. When I stood up, I faced the wall to avoid what was behind me. At the corner of my eye I could see the bartender laying on the bars surface. I shut my eyes putting my hands on my head taking deep breaths. "What. The. F-" The girl quickly put her hand on my mouth. I opened my eyes and she grabbed my hands.
She quickly dragged me out of the bar. I looked around the club. Number one mistake of my life. The lights were on now and I could see everything. I never knew what the floor of that club looked like. It was covered in blood and fresh corpses. I was sick to my stomach and turned to the girl in the mask. "What the ******** happened? Who the ******** are you? And, what the ******** did you do?" She of course didn't answer. I was trying to get a grip on all of this, and her silence only made me upset. She simply sighed.
"Are you involved with this? Did you help kill these people?" The I suddenly remembered John, Phil and Eric. "Oh my god." I ignored her silence and walked out of the bar. "D-did anyone get out?" I pulled my hands away from her and began walking across the club stepping over any body. My question wasn't answered, but it didn't need to be. I saw John face down on the small stair case that lead to the stages, blood splattered on his back. Phil and Eric were both near the door beneath a few other bodies who were all scrambling to get out. I've known those guys since I started college. They were here just a few minutes ago. I shook my head. I knew what I saw but I really wish I never saw it. Even writing it down now. My hand is getting shaky.
I'm not one of those guys that says "Yeah, I never cry, this was the only exception." Oh no, I cry. I cried like a baby.
"Why did this happen?" I shakily asked in a state of disbelief, knowing she wouldn't answer but worth a shot. She was suddenly behind me and grabbed my hand again. She lead me to one of the doors, holding my hand with both of hers just like before. She was spotless, there was no blood on her. I have no idea, I still have no idea what the heck she did.
Once we got to the door she simply kicked it open with her boot. Maybe she could have done that before to help save those people. I didn't ask, I was too devastated to notice or care. We were out in the parking lot and she lead me to my car. I have no idea how she knew which one was my car. I got in and sat in the drivers seat. She knocked on the window so I rolled it down staring at her blankly. Quite frankly I was expecting her to give me a gun so I could shoot myself, that way the police will blame me for it so her and whatever she was involved with could get away with this when this was all figured out. I watch too many gangster movies.
But instead she reached down into her bra and pulled out a folded piece of paper. She handed it to me and I carefully took it. When I looked down at it and opened it, it was just a map of the town. There was a blue marker on the map that started at the strip club then turned off into some area that had no roads, like as if it lead into a dirt area. "Where are you making me go now-?" I looked up and she was gone. I was half glad she was gone. My face was covered in tears at this point.
Maybe following this map would give me answers. So I followed it. It took me right out of the parking lot and then a sudden left. I followed down the trail for about two minutes when suddenly my car got stuck. There was suddenly a huge muddy area that immediately ate up my tires. I could hear sirens in the distance. The police would probably be there by now. I found out later that someone that was walking by heard the shots and ran away, then called the cops. So, when I hear the sirens I got out of my car and fell into the mud. I thought it was just maybe a knee high deep mud hole, but it almost went to my chest. So now I was stuck. That was pretty terrifying all in itself. Swimming in mud is really not an easy task. I stayed in the mud hole all night.

That night was the worst night of my life.

Well the map was a dead end. I eventually followed it later. I figured the only reason she gave me this map was for me to get out of there before the police did. But why? I thought about it for a long time. My only guess was that so there would be no real witnesses and I wouldn't have been caught so that I wouldn't get to tell my story about the fox masked girl and everything. By the time I would've finally got out of the mud hole it'd be too late. Maybe people would have blamed me if I did tell anyway. Blaming all those deaths on a strange fox masked girl who magically disappeared, who would believe that? Everyone would think I was on some sort of drug and went on a killing spree.
I stayed home for months after that. Barely ate, Barely slept. I tried to make myself believe it was only a dream and that John, Phil and Eric were still fine. Their funerals were held on the same day. No one knew I was with them that night. I was depressed for quite a while. The internet was no help either. I couldn't find anything about fox masked women.
All this writing about my friends death has shaken me up. Ill write more later.