So I just had to remind myself why I don't come here anymore. Lots of crazy people here and they will bring you down to their level LOL. And that's not a good level. smile I guess thats why I don't look back either. It's never good to look back on what if. I did just that earlier and I regret doing it already. NEVER look back. I'm all sad and s**t now. My heart so da heartbroken </3

Ruined my happy mood dammit. emotion_donotwant

I guess that makes me a low person for not moving on like your former "special" people who have clearly moved on. But I don't give a s**t. There's a reason why they're gone and dwelling on it will do no good. Just have to stop looking back and seeing how they're doing. Checking up on them as they say. Don't do that either LOL. Let bygones be bygones. For some reason I feel better already. Thanks Journal. smile