Unknown day, unknown season, unknown month. The sun is bright... the beach is empty, but everyone's stuff is still laying around. White chairs, even umbrellas... tables with drinks on them.
The city is right behind the beach. It's kind of like a town... but it's kind of too busy and too big to be called a town. The buildings are white and comfy looking. It's like a white city on a bright beach. The streets are empty of life, but there are cars. There are people somewhere, surely... in the buildings, in their cars? On the beach? I can't tell, anyway... they might be all around me, but I feel alone, walking on the beach in the hot breeze, under the bright sun. It can't be past 12 pm- the sun isn't hiding at all, it's boldly lighting up the whole world.
The palm trees sway in the sea breeze. I walk through the sand, looking around at all the things I can see. The music in my ears is beautiful and unique, and peaceful. It's upbeat... it's fitting. The clean sound of the guitar is inspiring. I can't hear the sounds of the sea, or the breeze... I can't hear the cars, that may or may not have people in them. I can't hear the people on the beach that may or may not be there.
Not alot of time went by, but I left the beach. Now, I look down, at the streets below, over the railing. The door to an apartment is behind me, and just under the rail I'm leaning up against, is the vibrant, bushy, green top of a palm tree. The sound of the music in my ears becomes the sound of the beach... it becomes the sound of this white town. It becomes the sound of the sun, overhead. It becomes the sound of my mood, and my feelings.