There is a song for every moment, every feeling, every situation. There is sweet music for your ears, a song or two to soothe our fears. There's that special song for that special someone, and that song for the person you hate. There's that song that describes exactly how you feel and a song for the way you have felt before. Sometimes you hear a song and it makes you so happy that you have to just get up and shake what your mama gave you. Sometimes you hear a song and can't help but to cry niagara falls.

Some songs just make you want to be new, make you want to start over. Some make you want to make things right. Some encourage you to make a move in life, while some even convince you to get up and move on with your life. It is all because every single song has lyrics. Behind every lyric, there is a meaning. Behind every meaning is a person that is desperate for inspiration. Without music, life would just be a pile of dirt, it would just be plain boring. There wouldn't be any inspiration, special effects, concerts, musicians, escpecially character. Life would just be bland.

Music is the way to express your thoughts, emotions, life, and feelings. Some funny, some sad, it is music which is same every way shape or form. Its Music that someone put their heart into and wrote. Music starts off as a thought, then a desire, hours of work, and concentration, and it all ends to be a masterpiece. No matter what genre, there will always be music. Always.

In music, anything is possible. It could be about a knight defeating the dragon, a youth losing the love of their life, someone stealing Daniel's bean and cheese burrito, a man winning the lottery. Although some may not like it, it's a masterpiece and is all the same. Music is a place where you can be yourself, and leave your problems behind. In music, you are perfect. Music is love, hate, happiness, sadness, and so much more....

Music is Emotion.... Music is Freedom.... Music is Inspiration.... Music is Its Own World.... Music is Life!