I'm: Slirkk
My role here is: To be a very, very Bad Dream. On paper, I am a guard. In actuality, I am an apprentice of sorts for the dungeon master. I chase after unwanted humans and drag them, willingly or not, back to them. Do I enjoy my job? Hardly. Whoever claims they do is a filthy liar. And someone whose tongue I ought to snatch. A lying tongue may get the dungeon master off my back...
I have been here for a while: Was I born here? Yes, I believe I was born here. I have no parents, per se, but I was raised by relatives, or at least members of my own species. My childhood is not of importance to you, is it? I hope not as that's the most information I'll dare give out.
Well once in a while I get to see what I look like: To a human, I am tall and unnaturally thin, although I have terrible posture and tend to slouch. My eyes, there are four of them. Two are placed directly where a human might have theirs -- that is, a quarter to halfway down my face and proportional to my head size -- and two more are placed a little above those. My sclera are black, my irises are bright blue, and my pupils are shaped like stars. My flesh is just a shade past gray. I have hair, not fur, of dark brown coloration, that grows atop my head, like a human. My teeth are extremely sharp, I trust you'll find, as are my claws. They are about two centimeters long and sharp enough that at the right speed, I can slice off a portion of human flesh as easily as you would through filet mignon. Do you understand that? Is that a comparison that you understand? Additionally, this is not so much appearance as it is sound, but I frequently make a "Slirk"ing noise, hence my name.
I knew a human once: CuppaJoel