Username: CuppaJoel
Full Name: Reiding Jeremiah Dalton
Preferred Name(optional): Reid
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Art Facect: Thespianism
Science/ Math Facet: Computer Science, specifically computer programming
Short Essay on Your Personality: He has a bit of a insouciant attitude going. He's more likely to do what he wants rather than what's 'right'; also got a bit of a selfish streak to him. While there is a key difference between selfish and unconcerned with social rules and expectations, he has found a way to straddle the line. He enjoys going fast in nearly every aspect. Slow music, people, curricula and the like will set his teeth on edge and cause his temper to flare up. Most times, Reid can be quite the meretricious little brat: loud, talkative, self-centered, and contrary for the sake of being contrary. He knows it, and wouldn't change for anyone. (The only person he would have changed for didn't want him to change.)
When something upsets him, he does not scream, cry, lash out, or really give any sign that he's unhappy. He'll smile, perhaps it is cold and tight-lipped or it could be warm and it just might reach his eyes -- he's a very good actor you know -- and walk off without another word. In the confines of his solitude, he will either lay in bed and wallow in self pity until he can't stand the smell of himself, or he'll run himself into the ground swimming, sprinting, etc. Some may call it self-destructive, he calls it acceptably within the bounds of normalcy.
Three Likes:
Tabasco sauce, and lots of it. The spicier the food, the better.
Talking. He loves to talk. He will talk, regardless of whether anyone wants to hear him or not.
Burgers. Like, holy crap, he can put those things away. He might not like it the next day, when his belt is just that much more snug, but that's what the jogging tracks are for.
Exercising as well, if you haven't picked up on that yet.
Three Dislikes:
Repetition. What's the fun if it's already happened? Monotony and tedium are accomplices to repetition.
Anything that goes slower than he does aggravates him.
Other people being rude. It's sort of a 'do as I say, not as I do' peeve with him.
Short Essay on Your Personal History: When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, they have a kid. And when this kid grows up as an only child, it can go one of two ways: spoiled rotten, or attention seeking. One can only guess which one Reid is.
During his childhood, he was taught to act proper and to behave like a young man. This forced him into an awkward situation: to the other children, his actions and words sounded like an adult's; to the adults, he was far too puerile and immature a juvenile to handle conversing with the alcohol sipping adults. Told to play with the children, but ostracized by his peers due to his vocabulary, mannerisms, and general air, he was an outcast and had very few relations, never mind friends. Accepting the fact that socially, his future was a bust, he focused on the educational aspect of his future. (Can you say National Honor Society and repeated summa c** laude mentions?)
He was around fifteen when he met his first, and so far only, love, Callan. He connected with Reid on a level that no one else had ever. After a few awkward months of platonic relationship building, they became romantically involved with each other. Now, if you asked him how they met, he wouldn't be able to tell you. His best memories are of him and Callan. He honestly can't remember when exactly the loneliness in his childhood changed over to the utter bliss that comes with first romances.
His parents would have been happy, were it not for two things. The first, Callan was a guy. The second, and the one that weighed heavier on their minds, Callan was interferring with Reid's studies. So they broke the teen couple up and as soon as they could, they got Reid into Hedy Lamarr high school and away from Callan.