The stars hung in the sky above me, shining in shades of blue and white, emitting light for eons. I merely lay in the grass as the soft breeze blows it kindly around me--the nature swaying to the hum of itself. This is where i felt at home--watching the stars in the darkest of nights, hidden in the shadows of the tall grass around me. I was hidden, I was home.

I heard a swaying in the grass, however I did not move. Be it enemy or friend, my safest option was to stay still. They wouldn't see me unless they knew i was here.

"Mikey? C'mon where are you..."


I sat up, pushing my hair back. "Hey James." I looked over at him--his blue eyes visible in the dark, however his frame obscured by his midnight black hair, causing him to blend in to the night.

"Hey. We need you back at the place" James responded, walking toward me.
"Eh?" I pushed myself up, "What for?"
"Just some work--the stairs fell down and we need someone to help hold them up while we hammer them into place again."

I sighed, keeping the house in tip top shape was... annoying, more than anything. It was always falling apart. "We need new nails and glue" i mumbled.
"you gunna go get some?" James asked, obviously annoyed by my statement.
"... One day i will" i whispered.
"yeah right." James muttered as the two of us walked toward the forest.