11/19/2013 2:27 PM

Another dream... I dare not write this one out. Such a thing plagues my mind enough as is. Wearied by the days as they drag on me. I still have strong feelings inside of me. Feelings of love, desire, and need. My body tells me to go and get what it is I long for. It shouts at me every single night and day... As if it were that easy. Only my heart knows the sad truth. Remembered only for my faults and mistakes. Is that my fate? Misunderstanding tore everything I ever cared about asunder. I never knew. If only I had... An emptiness inside of me so vast...not even the ever-expanding universe could fill this void. How strong must I be to keep my head high? I look back and cringe at my foolishness. I thought I knew pain, I thought I knew strength. I knew nothing.