Last Colors
Main Protagonist(s): Jet and Ken
Synopsis: Two stranges, Jet and Ken fall in love in a polychromatic dream world in which they subconsciously create together. They travel through the darkest shadows of their nightmares to their brightest euphoric fantasies. However when their own realities start melding into their dreams, the polychromatic dream world slowly loses its color and slowly starts to die. The two must find away to save their domain.

Main Protagonist(s): Ayane Kuro
Synopsis: Etheria is a planet that's core is made of a magical metal called Ethern which grants the inhabitants of the use of the 5 elements of magic: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and the Void. The global government known as the Black Hand uses militaristic force of magic to enforce their ideals of peace and progression. The people have mixed feelings upon the Black Hand's goals but when an experiment using Ethern goes horribly wrong, a new evil is bought into the world. The test subject named "Shizuka" is infused with Ethern which drives her insane and power hungry. She kills the Black Hand's leaders and threatens to destroy the world so that she may obtain the planet's core. Ayane Kuro, a friend of "Shizuka" is determined to stop her, and perhaps save her.

Digital Ocean
Main Protagonist(s): Jenni Karsa
Synopsis: Ancient history describes of an artifact known as the Digital Ocean, that slayed the gods thus descended the world into chaos and disorder. In the darkest of times, an Immortal woman named as Anika Mercy rose from this chaos and unified the world under her crusade; promising peace. Peace does ensue for at least 1000 years, until the day she vanishes. A powerful sorcerer named Jael Strauss takes place of Anika, but he is nothing like his predecessor. Jenni Karsa, a student with no memories of her past because of unknown reasons and circumstances, loses her best friend and lover, Jay. Just as he was able to discover the truth of Anika's whereabouts, he is killed by Jael in front of Jenni's eyes. With nothing else to live for, she continues Jay's investigation and is forced to run from the corrupt government led by Jael Strauss, while searching for her own memories and to find her true self.

Main Protagonist(s): Alicia Dray
Synopsis: Quatherynth is a ecumenopolis lead by a corrupt republic government, with the money and power to suppress the poor. They utilize magically and genetically engineered super soldiers known as Commandos to suppress riots, and supposedly keep peace and order among the populace. Quatherynth is a pit filled with poverty, corruption and crime. Alicia Dray, a commando, is thrown away by the government in a suicide mission. She survives, however she is listed as Killed In Action. Alicia wanders the vast expanse of Quatherynth and witnesses all forms of injustice. She vows to change the world.

Captain Oliphiant and Company
Main Protagonist(s): Captain Oliphiant
Synopsis: In the multicultural city of Isburrey, there is always adventure. The Daemon Wars has left many refugees in city, from many races such as Daemons, Nixians and Humans. There are always racial tensions between them especially against the Daemons. Captain Oliphiant, a member of the military/police force called the Watchmen, goes in an investigation to understand why the Daemon Wars happened. As he continues on with his investigation, he finds more of the darker truth. The world he knows is not what it seems.


Etheria, Digital Ocean, and Commando are quite similar, due to themes of magic, a unified world under one form of government, female protagonists. I had the idea around the same time. Etheria around 2007-09ish, Digital Ocean was more of 2008-12ish and Commando was in the middle of those years. I wanted the protagonists to each save their own perspective worlds, but under different reasons and circumstances. For example: Ayane Kuro is more of the color white because she wants to save her friend despite what everyone else thinks. Jenni Karsa is more colorless because she's just a regular person who falls into unfortunate circumstances. Lastly Alicia Dray, is black, because she's a vigilante heroine.

Last Colors and Captain Oliphiant and Company, are side works that I never really explored as much as the other three. I initially intended Captain Oliphiant and Company to be more comedic, but around that time is when I initially started questioning my faith to a higher power, to a god. So, some elements of it poured into the story, well a lot of elements. Last Colors was actually a role play of me and a friend of mine. Most of the settings in Last Colors, are places that we both had dreamed about. The reality part is when I went through a heart-break and our stories started getting less colorful, less adventurous. We never finished the role play, so I finished it, adding that saving the world theme. There's also a lot of cameo appearances of characters of mine in Last Colors, such as Jenni Karsa. There are also appearances of real friends of mine that I made into characters.

Overall Concepts:
- Last Colors -- Love
- Etheria -- Brotherhood
- Digital Ocean -- Identity
- Commando -- Justice
- Captain Oliphiant and Company - Faith


Universal Story
Main Protagonist: Jenni Karsa
Deuteragonist: Jay Hiryu (Also the lover)
Tritagonist: Nikira Vashe
Anti Heroine: Alicia Dray

Main Supporting Characters:
- Ayane Kuro
- Shan Nuyashi
- Ken Latorre (Other Romantic Interest)

There was this war long ago and it shattered the planet into two. The Color planet, the smaller of the two, holds colors, life and energy in comparison to the Gray Planet which is a desolate and dying world, color and energy. No one knows what the war was about. There is this race called the Ancients who have extraordinary powers of creation who fought against another race called the Immortals that carries the opposite; destruction and decomposition. The Immortals are sterile but they are unable to die, unable to wither and rot against time, in comparison to the Ancients who were able to reproduce and which they lived for a long time as well. However was long ago, this war was also known as the Creation war.

Jenni Karsa, a student with no recollection of her memories, ls suddenly sprung into the middle of a shadow war between Anika Mercy, the immortal empress of Anikacy who unified the nations of the dying world during the daemon wars, and a mysterious force known as the Syndicate Republic. Jenni Karsa, seeks to find her memories, and her past, while trying to create her own fate despite being in the middle. She is not alone, She is acompanied by the following characters:

- Jay Hiryu, a soldier learning how to live life again, wishes to protect Jenni. He owes his life to her but his work as a soldier stands between his goal. With loyalties mixed in the fray, who knows which side he will align with.

- Nikira Vashe, the exiled princess who served during the Daemon war now searches for a new home to belong in as the war is over. She hopes to return and confront her sister who exiled her out of jealousy, and take her rightful place, but the war has changed everything.

- Ayane Kuro, the ruthless high ranking operative of the Watchmen of Anikacy, also known as "the invisible flame" she has foiled most of the Syndicate Republics plans and other terror plots in the past. Though her occupation only reinforces her loneliness; she chooses to continue because of a guilt from her past.

- Shan Nuyashi, the young timid prince of the house of Nuyashi in Moryntine Union. He is a royal without a country. When Moryntine Union was absorbed into the Anikacian Empire he became only a representative figurehead to the Empire. Now amidst a crisis of epic proportions he must do what's right to save the world and find his inner strength.

- Alicia Dray, a half daemon who became an orphan during the Daemon wars, joins the Syndicate Republics in hopes in restoring the glory of her people back through battle. Though despite controlling her own task force in the Syndicate, she is often overlooked upon the others because she is a half daemon; something she wishes to change.

- Ken Latorre, a young man who yearns for adventure, to discover the world with his own eyes rather than through pictures and textbooks, wishes to escape the confines of his village's traditions. A great mishaps unfortunately falls before him but it is his only key to reach towards his desire.