March 18, 1998


Preparations are almost complete. I just need to go to Coalview next month to shut down things there. I have almost all of the logistics figured out. The head of House Bannorman has no idea. As far as he is aware, Aura was a stillbirth. You remember Rhys. We met him back in 1978, when he invited us to his grandson's party for completing his initiation into the International Magic Patrol. He does not know of what I did and that is why I am leaving all my notes behind. The Houses of the Magi Association are always working around the system.

As you know, our House has been struggling to maintain its hold of power the past century. The only prestige we still hold is in my research. What I did cannot be brought to light. The secrets of the past fifteen years must never be found or repeated. I would wish this fate on no one. The fate of my House depends on how well I can hide my secrets.