Tetra in Candy Land! - Wreck-It-Ralph Fan Fic

Welp, I decided to write a fanfic that is being collaborate between me and a few friends for the pure fun of it. (a big thanks to my friend Who rps a excellent Turbo/King Candy and helping greatly with the lines , and the other who does a awesome Felix. Thanks guys) This fanfic is meant to be humorous with nothing too explicit in it which I would consider this to be rated around PG-13. IT may have some suggestive comments and or some choice language so if you can't handle that don't read it. I am not looking for anyone to criticize it or be a nazi , I will simply ignore you if you are one of those. Some folks just like to do things for the simple fun of it! I used some of my own theory and much of what is listed on the Wreck-It-Ralph Wiki to write this and try to make it as plausible as possible.

With this said I hope you enjoy it !

Chapter one - After Turbo -Game Jumping Shenanigans !

After the events of Turbo Time time and the racer known as Turbo, it seemed that there were no survivors of that games unplugging. But there was one that managed to escape the fate of deletion and her name was Tetra. She was nothing more than a simple NPC background racer similar to the blue Turbo twins that race against Turbo himself.

While she was a none playable racer she would be considered one of the rubber band type A.I. that get in the way and try to stop the player from winning. Even though she always tried her hardest to make first place she never did seem to win and once in a blue moon would managed third place and rarely second. This did not stop her indomitable spirit to keep racing and pushing on even with the loss of her game.

Tetras appearance was nothing special she wore a navy blue flight suit with white stripes along each side, down each arm , one down the middle lining the zipper to her crotch line , shoes to match with white stripe at the base and a matching navy blue helmet with a white stripe down the middle. She had the typical dark grey skin of the people from Turbo Time and the ominous yellow glowing eyes and teeth that were tipped in four fangs. Her cheeks also had two army style stripes that were the same navy blue as her suit, possible just a personal touch she liked to have. One thing that does set her aside from the two other blue racers is she has a very long black hair that is often kept braided into a pony tail that reaches down to about the middle of her back. Her body shape would be considered stocky and rather short, only being about five foot five inches in human height, or pretty much the same size as Felix from Fix-it-Felix Jr.

After Tetra realized something was up and Turbo appeared to be missing she would head to the game central seeing as it was odd for him to leave very often especially during gaming hours. Being a NPC and more than one of her type she was not really noticed if she did step away. Doing so was the only thing that saved her from the fate that quickly came of the other inhabitants. Without Turbo Time and no idea what happened to Turbo she was forced to live in the Game Central station like many others that had been unplugged. While at first Tetra was quite depressed with her situation and no idea if anyone else survived from Turbo Time, she refused to sit around and just do nothing for long. She soon was labeled as being a mischievous strong willed little game hopper, often putting the Surge Protector on patrol. One could say the Surge Protector and Tetra are well antiquated and often at each others throats, sometimes to the point she will hide in another game and wait for things to cool down before coming out....only to face his wrath then. Though somehow she manages to always get out of trouble with them and its called bribery and sucking up or what ever works.

So now that you know a little about what happened , we can now begin our story.

It was a Saturday evening at Litwak's arcade and it had just closed for the weekend seeing as the Arcade was not open on Sundays.

Tetra was already planning her next shenanigans while watching other people walking around Game Central, particularly watching the Surge Protectors. It was one in particular that she always had issues with and seemed to be watching her just the same seeing as he had caught on to her pattern of causing the most trouble when the Arcade was closed each weekend. His name was S.P. Bernard and despite the fighting and the multiple times hes foiled her plans , she almost had a love hate sort of thing going on there. She started to treat it more like a big game rather than an annoyance with him getting in her way because if she didn't she would of probably tried to murder him. Then again how else would she entertain herself if she didn't have him around after all she had to do something not to go insane even if some debate she already is.

Tetra watches carefully and kept an eye on the the tram to Super Mario Brothers arcade, she wanted more coins to use where ever, most likely Burger Time or Tappers. She grinned to herself and thought how to fool Bernard and any of the others that might back him up. It was pretty busy seeing as Tappers and few of the other Arcades often threw parties on Saturday nights which just made it easier for her to do what she was going to do. She got her chance soon enough when all the Surge Protectors including Bernard seemed to be occupied with questioning others going to different games. Taking that chance Tetra bolted right for Mario Bros! Just like clockwork she managed to get through and ducks down on the tram to hide until it went back into the game. It was easy getting in it was getting out that was the hard part and not getting attacked by Mario or Luigi for stealing coins.

Once the Tram moves in to Mario world she didn't hesitate to quickly hop out and dart for the first bush so she could look around and make sure she hadn't been spotted. It seemed rather quiet for once , not even the goombas were diddlin around the entrance this time. While Tetra may not of had any special powers or abilities, the one thing she did have going for her was incredible acrobatics and the ability to drive just about any car like vehicle. One might say she was also pretty clever despite her grumpy nature and tendency to hide in corners. After looking around for a good ten minutes or so and seeing no danger to her she would proceed to going after the first coins she saw, of course that would be the ones on the near by blocks.

Tetra thinks to herself ~ Seesh .. such a fuss over a few coins.. there has got to be thousands of stinin coins in this game and all I wanted was a few!! I mean.. come on.. us gameless folks gotta have some way to pay for a burger. Even If I am technically stealing who cares! Hmm.. now.. how to get up there this time..~

Tetra would stare at the targeted blocks and make her way closer as well as looking like a little guilty rat as she kept a close eye on her surroundings. She would be thinking to herself as she crouches down and jump up to make it to to the first blocks. Not hesitating she would totally jump up and flop down to do a hard butt bash on the question mark block. She got a few coins and then moved to the next one.

Tetra blinks for a moment when she realized she only got a few coins!

Tetra: What! What is this this is lame.. there used to be more here.. this will not do. Guess I have to sneak a bit further.. though it is odd that no one is here.. where the heck is everyone even the goomba is missing.

Not thinking too much of it she shrugs and heads to the first pipe, she flips over it with no trouble and on a roll does the same to the second before coming to land on the third. She looks to the pipe and shifty eyed left and right before dropping down into a secret warp pipe that that lead to a room full of coins. Little did she know she would totally find Mario at this point and land right on him! Seems he was gathering coins to do what ever it is he was doing as well. Tetra realizes her mistakes, grabs a few coins and jets up that pipe like a bat out of heck.

Of course the shocked Mario was stunned for a moment before realizing what just happened. Angrily he would climb up the pipe after the assailant who was none other than TETRA! As he comes to the top of the pipe all he sees is that blue butt running as fast as she can to the Tram.

Mario: " Mamania! You again! Get backa here ! You are nota gonna get away with that this time! Ima gonna deal with you!

Looking back Tetra was worried as she saw Mario equipping up with a fire flower. She looked wide eyed and ran much faster than she was before giving it all she had as well as yelling back some smart comment to Mario.

Tetra: " AW COME ON YOU GOT more coins than you can count! You won't miss a few you pasta loving fire throwing Plumber! See ya sucker! NAHAHAHAH !

Mario: OOOOH ! Just you wait tilla I get my hands on you! GET BACK HERE! I'll make you wither in your own Ragu!

Tetra: " Oh man that sounded really wrong and unpleasant.. NO THANKS I'LL PASS "

Mario: IF I DON'T get you that Surge Protector will, then I will deal witha you too!

Tetra: " NOT LIKELY "

This entire time the exchange took place Tetra was getting closer to the Tram and it wasn't long before she heard the signature sound of fire coming right her way, those fireballs were faster than her obviously and she yells as she dives for the Tram that was just leaving. Making it into the last car barely in time she also found herself fanning her backside which was sizzling from that last fireball.

Tetra " AHHH HOT BISCUITS MY BUTTS ON FIRE! Stupid plumber..."

Frantically putting out her scorched backside she would promptly take the chance to taunt a very angry Mario further by sticking her tongue out and making faces at him while the Tram turns the corner out of range of anymore fireballs or his rather nasty insults. After he was out of sight she would sigh with relief and realize she was going to have to give it a break and let the boiling pot cool off. She got enough coins to last her a while at least and with a grin she would duck down as she did before in hopes the Surge Protectors were not paying attention. Lucky for her it seemed they were all still busy including Bernard who seemed unaware of the events that just took place a moment ago. Tetra would smirk from ear to ear and quickly jump passed the detection for now that is.. until the tram rolls back. She tensed and should of thought that she would soon be dealing with a very very very mad plumber in just a matter of minutes. He wasn't going to let this one go at all..well as many times as shes gotten in his way who could blame him. With that she looked up trying to pick a game they would not expect her to hide in. Groaning a bit it seemed they would certainly check Tappers , Burger Time, why the heck would she go to Fix-it-Felix that would be too easy and too many people? Zombies..heck no she rather deal with the angry plumber...Street Figher ..ooooh no.. no no no no she couldn't go there after what happened with Ken and Ryu at Tappers.. she was sure they wouldn't have forgotten that bar fight any time soon.. just a good thing she could fit in the lost in found box unnoticed.

Thinking quickly she makes a snap decision when she sees Mario coming back on the Tram, rushing forward she made no if ands or butts about diving towards Sugar Rush. Just as she tries too jump on to the Tram she finds herself grabbed by the leg by none other than the Surge Protector Bernard and he did not look happy. Tetra looks back at him with the most innocent look she could have and still held on for dear life to that Tram because she could clearly hear the angry Mario shouting behind her.

Tetra: AYE let go of me ! I didn't do anything

S.P. Bernard: You didn't did you? Then why is there an angry Mario back there screaming about little blue pricks?

Tetra: Uhh.. ....I dunno maybe he has foot fungus?

Bernard looks at her very amused while still trying to hold on to her rapidly kicking and strong legs. She was not going peacefully and the approaching Mario only made her fight more.

S.P. Bernard: Ok Tetra I think you need to be coming with me this time.. This is the third time this week I have had to deal with this out of you. I think you need a time out to sit in the dentition zone to think about what you have done.

Tetra: Aye what do I look like a toddler to reprimand ? Let go of me!!

S.P. Bernard: No..but you sure do act like one sometimes.

Tetra: Really ?

With one harsh jerk of her leg she manages to do a full barrel roll and slippy a leg right out of his hand. The second her leg was loose she would deliver a powerful boot to the head which was more then enough to make him let go and the tram leave. Laughing like a hyena she points at the fallen Surge Protector and just now catching up angry Mario. Though not before having to duck down and avoid a few fireballs that nearly hit her head on. Sighing with relief at escaping she knew she had plenty of time to hide now..but man she hoped this game wasn't boring because she was going to have to bunker down for a while. All was good until she heard the stupid theme song of the world "SUGAR RUUUSH SUGAR RUUUSHH." Her face contorts into a frown that can only be described as an Obama beaker face. She groans with disgust and slumps into the tram thinking what the heck has she jumped into now.

End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Fugitive among Sweets!