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me my life

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I look at my hands, a quiet panic taking over my body. Red flames were swirling on my skin, peaking out of my sleeves and pooling in my palms. I frantically pull off my long sleeved shirt and noticed the flames wrap around my arms and spread from my heart. They also extend down to the tops of my feet. What is happening? What am I?

I fall to the ground and start shaking my hands, somehow wishing they would fly away from me. A panicked scream is trapped in the back of my throat, pushing its way out. My breathing becomes frantic and a whimper escapes from my lips. My heart was pounding in my chest, but I seemed to feel it all over my body. With every pulse of my heart, the flames would grow, glow and spread. When it stopped, and a warm sensation started in my body, I thought it was over. But the warm feeling started to grow hotter until my body felt like it was on fire.

I stumbled up onto my feet and tried to get to the door. It was snowy outside, a thick blanket had fallen last night. My body burned so much, it craved the chill of the snow outside. I stripped off my undershirt and my skirt, leaving myself in my bra and underskirt. The instant my feet hit the snow I expect the icy sting, but instead I feel nothing. I watch my steps , they melt the snow as I go, I melt the snow all around me as I stumble into the thicken snow.

The heat won’t stop, until it feel my body is on fire. Finally, the scream I had trapped, escapes and I cry out. A desperate, guttural, ear shattering scream. My eyes close and my body doubles over, crouching in the snow let out all my fear and frustration. I feel the burning quickly build to a crescendo and suddenly wash away. For a moment, I’m numb, sound seizes, I feel faint, and my eyes go dark. Then things slowly come back. The sound of the wind through the trees, the chill of the air around me pinches my skin and my eyes see bare scorched ground. When I stand and look around, I see that all around me the snow has disappeared, black ring of burned ground; with me in the epicenter finally feeling the cold.

How did I do that? I look down at my hands so quick I go dizzy. The flames were still there, but they had dulled to a faint dull red hue. This all started when my hand got to close to the fire. Fire, burning, the flames and the ground? I did that, but how. Will it happen again? Should I tempt it?

smile Just felt like writing this.

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