I got laid off so in order to pass the time and keep myself sane in between handing out resumes and waiting for call backs I've opened up my commissions temporarily. Hopefully I can properly update my DA. It's looking pretty pretty sad right now. lolz

In Progress:
commedesfvckdown - "speep" style chibi (100% - pending approval)
UnStayBull - semi-anime halfbody (100% - pending approval)

Highest to Lowest Bid

(Pg. 13) Sanya_Blossom - chibi - (Done)
(Pg. 11) kyra_yin - chibi - (Done)
(Pg. 4) God Anbu - semi-anime (Done)
(Pg. 10) LemurNipples - animeish (Done)
(Pg. 5) Blue Mist - semi-anime (Done)
(Pg. 11) Avalon Youk - chibi - (Done)
(Pg. 12) atejek - chibi -(25% - Sketching Stage)
(Pg. 10) DemonAngel_Maeyin - semi-anime

.: How I work :.

The people listed above have sent their trades already. I don't pick up a pencil until the trade is sent. Once the trade is sent is when I begin my work. I'll update my clients as I go and once the piece is completed, I'll accept the trade. When the customer is fully satisfied with their art they'll complete the trade and we both walk away happy people. c:

.: Completed :.

Le Noiz - semi-anime halfbody *mature content warning*
Inkxy - semi-anime fullbody
Succupid - kinda-chibi - fullbody
Chiz Curls - semi-anime fullbody
Succupid - kinda-chibi - fullbody
BRB DEAD - semi-anime fullbody
sadzed - semi-anime fulbody
Sweet Fox Princess - semi-anime - fullbody
Serene Despair - sorta-chibi - fullbody
Serika the Vampire - semi-anime fullbody