Holding back my tears
From all the last years you weren't here for me
But I just got the call and regardless of your fall, your demise,
my feelings escape through my eyes past my hatred.
Never really here for me like an uncle should be,
showing me the ropes to persue my own dreams.
Not really my type of idol,
but on the fire scene you made me proud to be your nephew, uncle.
I know you can't here me now,
and you're on the hospital bed wondering how it ended up this way.
I can't help but wipe my eyes and think back to the second grade.
Finally got your s**t together,
and now all I'll have are our memories to remember.
Even if its a pile of s**t all I'll be able to is think of it.
Now your failin,
cardiac arrest has you worried about sailin through the golden pearly gates,
and what I really hate is that you were an a*****e.
Its all good I forgive you,
just don't leave now.
Not while I'm in highschool