Assassin RP

The night was young. Drums and noise filled the major streets like smoke from a dragon’s flame. A figure sat on a backless chair, long glossy legs crossed one over the other. Scarlet lipstick slid along luscious pink lips, removing their natural shimmer. Light brown eyes turned green after a tan hand pressed the last contact lens into a painted white face. The female’s eyes flickered to the knock of the room door behind her. “Just a moment”, she stated, drawing two golden chopsticks from off to pin up her pitch black hair into a bun.

Getting from in front of a large vanity mirror, the woman twirled in her gold and red robe to face the sliding door. Like a ghost, she glided to it and in an instant, she was there. After opening the door an eye’s width, the woman peered into the darkness to find a girl much like herself. “Yes?”

“I am sorry to disturb you, Madam, but Aiya is not feeling well.” the woman on the other side of the door spoke.

“I’m guessing that means she can’t entertain our loyal guest.” Before the woman could reply, she added, “Did you ask him if he can settle for our second best?”

“Yes, I have, Madam. He is fine with it. I just wanted you to know as you… always want to know these things.”

“Of course. Thank you for telling me.” And with that, the door was shut. Gazing to a bed fit for a king, the woman found a sleeping form lying on it. “A pity this will fall on you.” The woman then shrugged her shoulders. “But business is business.”

After a good amount of time had passed, the woman made her way down the halls of the brothel. One wouldn’t call the journey silent, as with every turn there was either grunting or moaning slicing the air. She knocked on a door lightly after hearing the angry shouting of a man go quiet. A smile pinched the female’s lips once the half dressed man answered the door with a disgruntled face. “Pardon my intrusion, but is everything alright?”

The senator lightly laughed, “When is anything alright? My wife is wondering where I am and I have paperwork piling up at work.” The old man then summoned a smile to his face. “But at least this has given me some solace.”

A painted black brow rose on the woman’s forehead, face half hidden in the darkness. “May I offer you some more solace then?” she asked, motioning for him to taken the golden tray holding a cup of tea and a clay bowl of plush blue grapes.

A brow of his own rose in inquiry. “What is this for, Madam?”

“You are a valued customer. And it is compensation for Aiya being out sick today.”

“Ah, well then, I can’t argue with that.” He stated, greedy fat hands taking the platter from her. “You know this one here, isn’t so bad. I may have to take them together one day.”

Her eyes left him to look upon the sleeping geisha. “I’m sure they will look forward to that.” Green eyes shifted back to him, scoffing down the grapes and sipping the tea. “Careful, you don’t want to choke.” She warned, before closing the door as she turned away. The second she took a step away from the door, she could hear the man chocking on the other side. At least she warned him about the grapes. The tea on the other hand was the true poison.

The senator lurched forward, trying to catch some air. A large hand rested on his chest as his heartbeat increased rapidly. His cheeks were turning red from suffocation. In a desperate attempt for help, he crawled on the floor and reached for the sheets of the bed to wake his companion. But by the time she would awake, he would already be dead.

The culprit continued straight down the hall, pace quickening as she knew every minute counted. Slowly, she rid herself of her disguise; face half white and makeup smeared. Once at a window, she jumped out and onto a roof, robe leaving her frame to glide into a dumpster below. The black wig and chopsticks went in after the robe before being set a blaze by a cigar-like object. She needn’t worry about the fire getting out of hand. It was only set to burn for a minute to destroy the evidence. Now clad in dark blue latex from neck down, save for her bare feet, the assassin ran free.