okay here goes the story a lonely boy who's heart was contorted by shadows who found a girl who was trapped in ice. without thinking he freed her then he quickly feel in love with her and and latter made her his wife.a few years passed and it seems things where going for the worse for u see snow was also curse. to fall in love each breeding season with the 1st guy she saw. but she fought it yet Trent left her thinking it was the best but u'll never guest what happen when snow got sick and Mira Jane read the results of the pregnancy test xd Trent return when he heard the new going around and feel to the ground and disbelief who would of taught the son of a phantom lord theft would be having a family starting soon. a few months later in June snow gave birth to 2 beautiful babies name crystal and Tyler. snow was rather happy for Trent's return which let to some horse play wink after making out almost all day Trent got a rather dirty ideal that lead to something else redface that something else was well you get the picture which lead to Christina being born and the introduction of a shadow from inside Trent that had been set free and took on the small form of a boy. which snow called TJ and raised him as her own son. it seem when the kids where older Mona an ex of Trent's found out she to was carrying Trent's child Trent not knowing what to do left snow which lead her to raising her kids on her own until Lyon came along and made little Tristan. a Few months latter Trent found out Mona's son wasn't his and Trent realized his mistake he turn down Mona and return to snow and even though there is Tristan and Toni in the pics they are still one big happy family. biggrin