My wishlist is filled with LIES. Some of the items I just want to collect for "It's so nice, it might go great with some of my avatars o:" but I'm not serious about most of them. This journal is to keep note of which items in my wishlist that I actually AM serious about getting. Making all of my money from mostly doing art shops/art auctions with a friend (maybe), and selling things in the market. I'll be buying art while I'm questing, so these items will take me probably forever to obtain -u-;

Main Quest Right Now

User Image Raguel's Wings I can't get those pure white wings because it's expensive as HECK. So I'll settle for the creamy ones


Other Quest That I'll get to After Main:
Really Really Questing:

User Image Her Darkness I need more leg mods to cover up the stupid male stubby legs. Why are all the leg mods so expensive! OTL
User Image Monsieur Loyal's Reprise I really love the hair and have been eyeing it for a long time
User Image Workshop Flora It's a reference to one of my all time favourite ps3 game series. I must have it!
User Image FMAB Ling Yao It's such a nice face...
User Image Sainte Ciel: Agape So I can finally cut my hair short!
User Image Princess Manner The faces *u*
User Image Casual Autumn It's part of my current dream avatar

Purple Item Questing: [Purple is my favourite color, yo]
User ImageAmesha's Wings
User Image Eccentric Ressonance
User Image Pertulant Echanter

Mini White Hair Quests: [I like white hairs... -u-;]
User Image Puppeteer's Doll
User Image Stellar Rain
User Image White Collar Nurse
User Image Her Illumination
User Image Siolfor SUmmoning
User Image Serpentine Raiments
User Image Nichigatsu Kendama
User Image Ribbon Candy
User ImageParcel Post Bangs count I guess??
User Image Geared Machinations
User Image Doufu Hua
User Image The Loony Hatter
User Image Little Yeti

Priority: Siolfor Summoning> Her Illumination> Doufu Hua> Ribbon Candy> everything else

Etc Questing:
User Image Zealous Engineer Idunno... Cause hair is nice?
User ImagePious Cleric part of one of my dream avatars
User Image Keen Bandit Had It, Sold it, Miss it
User Image Toro Bravo Those cute ears!
User Image Haute Modena The shirts are okay
User Image Whim Sea Had my eye on this for a while now
User Image Charismatic Dancer Hair is nice...?
User Image Prince of the Sea An item for one of my dream avatars that I gave up on
User Image Interstellar Bounty It's a nice shirt.
User Image Melodious Cantata Another item from my abandoned dream avatars
User Image Rainy Day The coat really.