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Secrets Revealed
After six months of nothing, mainly due to time restraints and lack of playing participants, I've decided to just reveal the plot behind everything.

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Fall of the Monarchy

King Rusty and his paladin confidant Captain Gawain were murdered in a very strange fashion. A swirling flame of vengeance incinerated them both, completely reducing Rusty to ash and leaving Gawain a charred corpse.

Rise of the Paladins

Aloysius Sol, senior paladin of the Order of Solaris, was swift to take control. Taking the role of regent, Aloysius consolidated his power and pushed all the blame on the prior monarch's assassination due to his relations with demons (the incubus Locke in particular). Rusty's court wizard (a man named Adam) was also elevated to royal advisor. A self-righteous hypocrite, it didn't take long for Aloysius to become a tyrant. Given how quickly he assumed power after Rusty died, it was whispered he hurried the king to his grave. Aloysius denied these rumors whenever they reached his ears, but even his own men began to whisper...

The Men of the Order

With the death of his brother, Sir Bertilak became paladin captain. Bertilak acted as an intermediary between the people and Aloysius, trying to calm down both sides. While he was at it, he conscripted the dame knight and fellow member of the Order Joan Bluhdbelle to investigate the murder of the deceased king as well as his brother Gawain. Aloysius, however, had his own investigation. Enlisting the services of the sadistic Morningstar, Aloysius had the man capture as many demons as he could have torture confessions out of them.

Of Pirates and Paladins

Matthias Howe, a former privateer turned paladin, conducted his own investigation. Matthias would come to clash with Joan, as both believed they were in each others way. Both would put their differences aside to work together, only to be confronted by the charred, necromantic-infused corpse of Gawain. They would subdue Gawain, with much difficulty.

End Game

Aloysius, discontent with the heretics that he now presides over, believes it is time to wipe the slate clean. Drawing upon the essence of an angel's feather, Aloysius becomes an angel himself and begins the purge of Erostocia. The people, the remnants of the royal knights, and their allies fight and defeat Aloysius. In the melee, King Rusty makes his triumphant return. He attributes his survival to Locke's timely intervention, but not without the sacrifice of Gawain's life. Aloysius, unwilling to stand down, fights with all of his might, but he is eventually defeated.


With Aloysius defeated, Rusty proclaimed that he would return everything back to what it once was. One man, however, steps forth - Bertilak. He reveals he was the one that tried to kill his king. Bertilak eloquently explains with a poetic flare that he has always coveted the throne and has always despised his brother Gawain. Beside Bertilak is Adam, who Bertilak reveals has been brainwashed and is under his control. Thus the final battle begins.

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Tako Pin
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commentCommented on: Wed Jun 11, 2014 @ 10:35pm

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