Art requests: my current avatar/future ocs/art based off stories

Writing requests:

I'm still in the process of making this, your stories art and poems will help shape it.

Genre: gore/horror/a touch of sci-fi and mystery

Setting: A city, of your choice. My suggestions are somewhere in {Japan/China/NY/any bustling city} The character will usually be out in the streets, an establishment for education, or at the rehabilitation center connected to the hospital where they are currently holding an internship or volunteering. Feel free to write about trips to the grocery store, pharmacy, out to eat, or anything else normal people do.


Bystandard: (my suggestion) These people are quite oblivious of what happens to the character. On the off chance that they do intervene with the situation, or try to, their efforts falter. But feel free to change it up.

New encounters: You can make it how ever you want.

Friends: Since most of the consistent characters have friends that are female, or even if they are male, most of them are unless when it comes to defending themselves/others.

Threatening individual/group: You can make it how ever you want. There doesn't have to be one either. The consistent character can take this role if desired.

Possible situations to piggyback off of:

# Discovering human parts in food
# Encountering a roaming maniac
# Partaking in hard drug use/ using hospital medication for recreation
# Self mutilation
# Witnessing death/suicides
# Harassment/assault
# Torture
# Leaving an establishment