11/02/07 - The elegant Flynn has opened the doors to her new boutique, La Victoire, where you can buy exclusive items with your Gaia Cash.

User Image

11/21/07- Flynn's First Announcement: Cash Shop Update: New Items & Evolving Item Report!

[NPC] Flynn
Good afternoon, Cash Shop customers! This is Flynn, your humble shop hostess, with some important Cash Shop news: we're adding an item, we're removing an item, and we've got Dr. Singh and her creepy little sidekick Timmy on the line for an Evolving Item Report.

Wild Armor - Owners of this month's Wild Things Collectible are in for a treat: we've just received a shipment of Wild Armor. This item includes several custom poses, so it can be equipped on any of the three Wild Things mounts. Wild Armor is available now in the Cash Shop for the low, low price of 25 Gaia Cash. You can find it by selecting "All" in the show menu and "Newest First" in the sort menu. Please note: this item will look ridiculous if you wear it without the Wild Things item equipped.

Jack's Bat Clip - Going Away! Our free item giveaway is ending soon. If you haven't used the Gaia Cash Shop yet, now's your last chance to score Jack's Bat Clip FREE with your first purchase. This item will likely leave the Cash Shop on Monday, so don't delay.

Speaking of items being removed: the Gaia Cash shop is unlike any other store on Gaia. Items may go in and out of stock; from time to time, we will remove Cash Shop items from our shelves. They might be gone forever, or they might be re-released in a few months. All bets are off! Careful Marketplace speculators may be able to make some good Gold due to ever-changing supply and demand, so be sure to keep an eye out for announcements about changing availability.

Now let's turn it over to Dr. Singh and Timmy for an Evolving Item Report!

11/26/2007 - Cash Shop Update: More New Items & The Evolving Item Report!

[NPC] Flynn
We've added two brand new items to the Gaia Cash Shop!

A brand new Evolving Item, the Pantheracorax Agate. Who knows what sort of creature will hatch from this gigantic egg? Well, Dr. Singh might know, but she's not telling. Pick one up now, before they start hatching all over my store!

The December Birthstone Crown. A perfect gift for that special December-born someone! We need to be especially kind to those with December birthdays, because they've been cheated all their lives with combination Christmas/birthday presents.

As I mentioned last week, the promo offer for a free Jack's Bat Clip ends today. We hope you enjoyed it! Look for more special Cash Shop promos in the future.

We're also removing a few items soon. Due to our limited shelf space, we can't keep every item in stock at once. Next week, these items will be rotated out of the Cash Shop:

Piggy Plush
Tiny Wings
Green Egg Shell
Skeleton Skin
All Emerald-colored Wedding items

These items may return to the Cash Shop at a later date, but some of them might be gone for good. You never know! You can visit the Gaia Cash Shop by moving your mouse over the "Market" menu and selecting "Gaia Cash Shop."

Now let's turn it over to Dr. Singh and her hyperactive sidekick Timmy for a quick Evolving Item Report:

11/30/07 - Cash Shop Update: What's in the OMG Box!?

[NPC] Flynn
Greetings, Cash Shop customers! Flynn here, bringing you a quick update on what's up at my little shop. I'll give you a quick update on some great new items, then a quick word with Dr. Singh and that unbearable lil' scamp Timmy. Here goes!

New Items:

User Image

LIMITED EDITION: Pora Ice!! - A cute icy Evolving Item available only through the month of December! Get it while it's cold!

The Abominable Scarf! - A sassy winter scarf, available in purple, green and white.

New Mood Bubbles! - Our mood bubbles are some of the most popular Cash Shop items. We've got some useful new ways to express your mood: check out the Frustrated, Broken Heart and "…" mood bubbles.

New Plushie! - Korora the Penguin! Who in the world could resist a cute little baby penguin plushie? If such a person exists, I don't even want to know about it!

LIMITED EDITION: The OMG Box! - You're in for a BIG surprise with the OMG (Oh My Gift) Box. When you open it up, you never know what you're going to get. It might be a regular item, it might be a Cash Shop item, or it might even be another gift box! If you're super lucky, you might even get the Ancient Chest, which is packed with never-before-seen rare items. Boxes inside boxes? It's madness!

Better hurry, because the OMG Box is available through December only! You can find the OMG Box under the "Holiday" list.

Items Leaving Soon:

On Monday, these items will be rotated out of the Cash Shop:

Piggy Plush
Tiny Wings
Green Egg Shell
Skeleton Skin
All Emerald-colored Wedding items

To visit the Gaia Cash Shop, move your mouse over the "Market" menu and select "Cash Shop."

That's it for this week's update. Now let's have a quick Evolving Item Report from Dr. Singh and Timmy!

12/19/07 - Cash Shop Update: New Winter Items & Evolving Item Report

[NPC] Flynn
Welcome, Cash Shop customers! We've got some big news today: new items, new features, and a crazy-huge evolving item report with Dr. Singh and Timmy! Let's get right into it.

Featured Items:

We've added a new category to the Cash Shop navigation dropdown: the Featured Items list includes all the newest, coolest and best-selling stuff in the Cash Shop, so be sure to take a look!

New Items:

User Image

Let it Snow: The perfect winter accessory! Let it Snow has tons of poses, including a swirling blizzard, a snowman pal, frosty breath and a snowdrift on your head.

Angelic Earmuffs: Keep your ears warm in chilly weather with these heavenly winged earmuffs.

Demonic Earmuffs: Add a little sass to your winter getup with these wicked little earmuffs.

New Evolving Items: Scroll down this page to read the Evolving Item Report! Dr. Singh and Timmy have two cool new evolving items to show you, plus news about all this week's evolutions. Stay tuned!

Items Leaving:

On December 27th, the following items will be rotated out of the Cash Shop:

Green Corallus Egg
Tama's Basket
DandiiDooDad Spore

Get 'em while they're available, because we don't know when they'll be brought back!

You can visit the Gaia Cash Shop by moving your mouse over the "Market" menu and selecting "Gaia Cash Shop." Now, let's turn it over to Dr. Singh and Timmy!

12/31/07 - Cash Shop Update: Holiday Items Leaving!

[NPC] Flynn
Hi there! This is your pal Flynn from the Gaia Cash Shop, just giving you a quick reminder that some of our seasonal items will be removed from the shelves soon.

This Thursday, January 3rd, the following items will leave the Cash Shop:

The OMG Box
Pora Ice
Angelic Earmuffs
Demonic Earmuffs
Let it Snow

If you plan on picking up one of these items, remember to get it ASAP... after Thursday, they'll be gone! Some of these items may return at a later date, but others may be leaving for good.

Have a happy New Year!

01/09/08 - Cash Shop Update: Chess Pieces & Evolving Item Report!

[NPC] Flynn
Hey guys! This is Flynn from the Gaia Cash Shop. This week brings one of the coolest updates yet! The Chess Sets let you dress up as all your favorite pieces from the world's greatest game of skill. Each of these sets comes with multiple items in both black and white:

Chess Sets:

Devoted Pawn: - They may seem like shrimps, but a lowly Pawn could be the key to victory. Though they start out weak, their driving ambition to become royalty gives them the strength to plow ahead.

Immaculate Bishop: - Though they might look pious, these holy warriors know how to kick some butt when their monarchs require it. Their sneaky diagonal moves let them move between pieces and catch enemies off guard.

Valiant Knight: - Known for their tricky maneuvers and unexpected attacks, Knights fiercely defend their sovereigns. Featuring a distinctive horse head helm and a mighty lance.

Exalted Rook: - These brick behemoths plow through everything in their path. Considered one of the more valuable warriors on the board.

Majestic King: - The big cheese. He may hide behind his lines of defense, but he can be wily and deadly when cornered. This set includes a crown and a scepter (of course).

Imperial Queen: - Chess may be all about defending the King, but we all know who the true master is. The Queen ruthlessly controls the board by basically doing whatever the hell she wants.

Each item can become one of three items (head, chest, or weapon) related to that chess piece in both black and white.

You can find these sets in the Featured Items category, or look for individual pieces under the [Holiday] listing.

You can visit the Gaia Cash Shop by moving your mouse over the "Market" menu and selecting "Gaia Cash Shop." Let's turn it over to Dr. Singh and Timmy for a quick evolution update!

1/18/08 Cash Shop Update: Towns Chessboard, Masks & Evolving Items

[NPC] Flynn
Welcome, Cash Shop customers! Some lovely new things have arrived in the shop today, so I thought I'd give you a quick peek. Plus, your friend Dr. Singh and her terrifying mutant homunculus Timmy are back with all the latest news on your evolving items.

New Items!

We've just received four beautiful masks inspired by eastern folklore:

User Image

Fore more info about the Hermes Moon and Fausto's Bottle, stick around for the Evolving Item Report!

Tengu Mask - Everyone's favorite grumpy, long-nosed demon!

Kotengu Mask - The slightly dopier and more crow-like form of the tengu.

Hannya Mask - This mask depicts a woman so twisted by anger and jealousy that she became a demon. Some days I feel like I can relate...

Otafuku Mask - Legend has it that this joyful figure lured the sun to the sky with her bright, smiling eyes. Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks?

Look for them in the Featured Items section of the Cash Shop!

Giant Chessboard!

When we released the Chess Sets last week, many people wondered, "hey, what good are chess pieces without a board?"

User Image

Good point! By popular demand, we've created a huge, magnificent chess board in Gaia Towns. Feel free to organize a game of human chess, or just hang out and look fantastic against a super-classy backdrop.

To visit a chess board, hop into look around. Each map has a couple of squares with no houses on them. The chess board will be on the first vacant square in each neighborhood.

Remember: you can still get a Chess Set for your avatar in the Cash Shop! Look for them in the Featured Items listing.

That's it for this week's update! Let's turn it over to Dr. Singh and Timmy.

02/07/08 Cash Shop Update: Eastern Zodiac + Evolving Item Report

[NPC] Flynn
Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! To celebrate, we've got a lovely new Cash Shop update that lets you proudly show off your favorite signs with a full assortment of Eastern zodiac costumes. Each zodiac sign includes an animal headpiece and a tail, which can be worn together or separately. Take a look:

User Image

If you'd like to learn some fun details about the Eastern zodiac signs, read on! Otherwise, feel free to move on to the next post for the Evolving Item Report.

The Eastern Zodiac

Year of the Rat - Some may see rats as pests, but in the Eastern zodiac they represent charm, intelligence and leadership and charisma. Recent years of the rat include 1972, 1984, 1996 and 2008 (starting today!)

Year of the Ox - The ox patient and diligent, and its hard work brings about great prosperity. Recent years include 1973, 1985 and 1997.

Year of the Tiger - The tiger represents regal authority, respect and courage. Those born under this sign will lead extraordinary lives full of adventure and challenge. Recent years include 1974, 1986 and 1998.

Year of the Rabbit - Rabbits are considered to be the luckiest of the Eastern zodiac signs. They're great with details, and they're very compassionate despite being somewhat reserved and conservative. Rabbit years include 1975, 1987 and 1999.

Year of the Dragon - Dragons are symbolic of good fortune and luck. Those born under this sign are virile, grandiose and good-looking, and are destined for great things. Recent years include 1976, 1988 and 2000.

Year of the Snake - Snakes are elegant, graceful and wise. Their enchanting personalities make them great conversationalists. Just like real snakes! Recent Snakey years include 1977, 1989 and 2001.

Year of the Horse - Horses are wild and independent spirits, but they temper this with their sincerity and warmth. Recent years: 1978, 1990 and 2002.

Year of the Sheep - The sheep exhibits wonderful creativity and artistic talent, along with great sensitivity and compassion. Years of the Sheep include 1979, 1991 and 2003.

Year of the Monkey - The monkey is mischievous, creative and quick-witted. They're jacks-of-all-trades, and their flexibility allows them to develop a broad range of talents. Monkey years include 1980, 1992 and 2004.

Year of the Rooster - Though roosters can be preening and egotistical, they're valued for their courage, tenacity and superior grooming. Roosters love to stand out, so if you know any Roosters, make sure you lay some flattery on them once in a while. Years include 1981, 1993 and 2005.

Year of the Dog - We all know what makes dogs so loveable: they're loyal, patient dependable and they'll never let you down. Years of the Dog include 1970, 1982 and 1994.

Year of the Pig - The pig is an honest, caring and kind-hearted sort. Despite being a bit shy and reserved, their loveable nature often yields many friends. Years include 1983, 1995 and 2007.

You can pick up all of these items in the Gaia Cash Shop! Stay tuned, folks. We've also got another Evolving Item Report with your pals Dr. Singh and Timmy.

02/12/08 Cash Shop Update: Valentine's Gifts & Evolving Item Report

[NPC] Flynn
Hey guys! I hope you're all enjoying the Valentine's Day event. Things have been too busy around the shop for me to get out there and kiss people, but hopefully I'll have some time once I get all this new stuff stocked on the shelves. We just got a new shipment of special Valentine's stuff, so anyone looking for a romantic gift is in luck!

New Items

Grace of Eros: The god of love and lust is a busy guy this week, but he'd be happy to make a little time for lucky Cash Shop customers. You can equip Eros alongside your avatar, or you can carry his legendary bow & arrow.

Grace of Aphrodite: Having trouble finding a Valentine's date? Now you can score a date with the immortal goddess of love, whose uncanny beauty could make any man's heart skip a beat. How 'bout THAT? Aphrodite can hang out with your avatar, or you can choose to wear her flowing purple garments.

Sweetheart Teddy: A cute little teddy bear that can be worn as a backpack! Makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift, or a great little accessory for anyone who wants to get into the spirit. Available in pink and blue.

Long-Stemmed Roses: New colors! You can now pick up romantic roses in Blue, Black and Gilded hues.

To get one of these items for yourself or for a special friend, visit the Cash Shop. You can find it by moving your mouse over the "Market" menu and selecting "Gaia Cash Shop." To learn a little bit more about Cash, visit this page.

Now let's turn it over to Dr. Singh and Timmy for an Evolving Item Report!

02/28/2008 Cash Shop Update: Orphan Adoption + Evolving Item Report

[NPC] Flynn
Hey guys! This is Flynn, proud proprietor of the Gaia Cash Shop. I've got some exciting news about a very special Cash Shop update!

The housemother at the local adoption agency recently got in touch with me with an interesting proposition. A couple of months ago, Gaians banded together to help local orphans, generously lending their time and hard-earned Gold to bring the kids out of their miserable situation at the Shabby Meadows orphanage and into the sunny comforts of a reputable agency. Even after the holiday event was over, hundreds of Gaians asked if they could continue helping their little orphan buddies. The housemother was so touched by your dedication and generosity that she wants to allow the general Gaian public to adopt orphans!

User Image

For a small adoption fee of 49 Gaia Cash, Gaians can now pick up an Certificate of Adoption in the Gaia Cash Shop. Opening this certificate will randomly assign you one of over a dozen adoptees, including some new faces that weren't seen during Gaia's holiday event.

In other news, we're releasing new costume colors for the Magical Schoolgirl! The popular February Collectible gets a nice little boost with six new skirt, scarf and shoe colors: yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and black. Please note that these color packs contain new clothing items only, and do not include the wig, weapon or sidekick features of the Collectible itself.

Don't forget: there's only one more day of February left! After tomorrow, we won't have any more February Collectible letters in stock, so get them while you still can.

That's it for this week's update. Stick around for an Evolving Item Report with Dr. Singh and her bitey little friend Timmy!

03/06/08 Cash Shop Update: St. Patrick's Day + Evolving Item Report

[NPC] Flynn
Hey, Gaians! Ready for a bit of Cash Shop news? You might have guessed by my Gaelic name that I've got a bit of a personal connection to an upcoming holiday, and it's time to start getting into the spirit...

New Items:

User Image

Luck o' the Gairish! This week, we're adding a great new St. Patrick's Day item with tons of different uses and plenty of green so you won't get pinched. This thing can be equipped in a bunch of different ways, kinda like a mini-Collectible:

Leprechaun Plushie: A fine little faerie fellow in a sharp green suit! This rascally little leprechaun doll will keep you company in your quest for Gold.

Four-Leaf Clover Field: What could possibly be luckier than standing in a whole field of four-leaf clovers?

Leprechaun Hat: A charmingly jaunty little buckled hat.

Clover Bowtie: A big clover-covered bowtie to complete your St. Patrick's Day outfit.

Items Leaving the Shop:

Now's your last chance to get a couple of really cool items! These items will be leaving the shop on Wednesday the 12th, so don't miss out:

Eastern Zodiac (all forms)

Pantheracorax Agate

These items may return to the Cash Shop someday in the distant future... or they may not! You never know.

To get to the Gaia Cash Shop, just move your mouse over the "Market" menu and click "Gaia Cash Shop."

Now let's stick around for a quick word from our beloved Dr. Singh and that awful creature that's eating her arm...

03/13/08 Cash Shop Update: New Evolving Item!

[NPC] Flynn
Hey guys! I have a really quick update today, so let's get right into it:

New Items:

New Evolving Item: We've got a brand-new evolving item hitting the shelves this week: the Dionaesil. It just looks like a potted plant to me, but be sure to stick around for the Evolving Item Report. Dr. Singh might know something about it...

Items Leaving the Shop:

Certificate of Adoption: Agency has been very pleased with the results of their recent adoption drive! Almost all of the orphans on Gaia have now found loving homes, and the adoption agency will be discontinuing Certificates of Adoption next week. The Adoption Certificate will leave the shop next Thursday, so don't miss out!

That's it for this week. Now let's hand it over to Dr. Singh, who seems to be behaving a bit strangely this week...

03/20/08 Cash Shop Update: Easter Items + Evolving Item Report

[NPC] Flynn
Hiya, Cash Shop customers! One of the cutest holidays is coming up, and I'm celebrating with some limited-edition bunny and chicky items!

New Items:

User Image

Bunny Hoodie: A hooded sweatshirt with cute bunny ears. Wear it with the hood up or down, and keep your hands in the pockets if it gets chilly. You can also choose to wear just the hood! Available in blue, white and brown.

Chicky Hoodie: A fluffy yellow hoodie with a cute chicky face on the hood. It has all the great features of the Bunny hoodie, too: a working hood and pockets, plus a hood-only mode.

Bun-bun Plushie: A sweet little Easter bunny plushie! Available in blue, white or brown.

To pick up an Easter item for yourself or as a gift for a friend, visit the Gaia Cash Shop! You can find it under the "Market" menu in the navigation bar. To learn more about Gaia Cash, click here.

That's it for this week! We've got an evolving item update from Dr. Singh and Timmy coming up, so stick around.

03/25/08 Cash Shop Update: The Infinity Hat

[NPC] Flynn
Hey guys! I know I usually send out my shop updates on Thursdays, but this time I just can't wait. A new item just hit the shelves of the Cash Shop, and it's so ridiculous and amazing that I've just gotta tell you about it.

The Infinity Hat!

User Image

This strange hat generator will spawn a random piece of headgear when you activate it. You never know what you might get! It's packed with dozens of hats: a whole bunch of brand new ones, many with several poses, plus a bunch of rare and valuable hats from Gaia's past. No matter what you get, you'll be looking good!

To pick up an Infinity Hat for yourself or as a gift for a friend, visit the Gaia Cash Shop! You can find it under the "Market" menu in the navigation bar. To learn more about Gaia Cash, click here.

The Weekly Poll:

This week's poll involves the Cash Shop, so I thought I'd take a second to remind you to go cast your vote!

Vote in the Weekly Poll

Don't forget to check back on Thursday! Dr. Singh and Timmy will be stopping by for their usual Evolving Item Report, so don't miss it.

05/13/08 Cash Shop Update: Exclusive items by Christian Siriano

[NPC] Flynn

Ooh, we've got some exciting designer items in stock this week: Christian Siriano, winner of Project Runway, has lent his distinctive sensibility to some gorgeous garments for the Gaia Cash Shop. Have a look!

User Image

Christian Siriano's Cream Ruffled Hoodie
Christian Siriano's Coffee Pinstripe Skirt

Christian Siriano's Pinstripe Coat
Christian Siriano's Pinstripe Trousers

Christian Siriano's Black and Cream Blouse
Christian Siriano's Layered Skirt

To pick up these incredible items from the hottest young talent in fashion, visit the Gaia Cash Shop! You can find it under the "Market" menu in the navigation bar. To learn more about Gaia Cash, click here.

05/23/08 Cash Shop Update: The OMFG Box + Evolving Item Report

[NPC] Flynn
Hiya, Cash Shop customers! We've got an incredible new item today, plus a word from our friends Dr. Singh and Timmy. Let's have a look:

User Image

Ooh! We just got a shipment of the OMFG Box! It's the even crazier cousin of the beloved OMG Box, this time featuring a whole new random assortment of expensive store items, Cash Shop favorites, rare stuff, unreleased items from Gaia's past and brand new, never-before-seen items. Open the box at your own peril, though... it may contain a grisly surprise.

Each OMFG Box contains one randomly-selected item. Ready to get lucky?
To pick up an OMFG box, visit the Gaia Cash Shop! You can find it under the "Market" menu in the navigation bar. To learn more about Gaia Cash, click here.

05/27/08 Cash Shop: Hermes Moon, Orindae & White Drome Leaving Soon!

[NPC] Flynn

Hey guys, I've got some important Cash Shop news for ya! A few evolving items are leaving the Cash Shop soon, so this may be your last chance to get your hands on some of the coolest items we've ever sold:

Hermes' Moon - This just might be the definitive evolving item! This incredible piece included tons of poses when it became fully unlocked, including golden capes, scarves, and cute magical bunnies.

Orindae - The classic "Frog Prince" myth is brought to life with this unassuming little jar. It starts as a goofy little tadpole, then gradually grows to ridiculous size before winding up as a handsome prince.

White Drome Egg - A small white egg conceals a ferocious raptor! An unlocked Drome Egg is an amazingly versatile item, since it contains brand new raptor skins that completely change the look of your avatar.

You'd better hurry! These items will leave the Cash Shop on Friday, May 30th!

06/10/08 Cash Shop Update: New Evolving Item!

[NPC] Flynn
Hello everyone! I just received a letter from Dr. Singh letting me know about a new evolving item in the Cash Shop! Dr. Singh is very busy taking little Timmy to his therapist today, so I guess it falls on me to tell you about this exciting new arrival. It's an awfully gloomy thing, but very beautiful. According to Dr. Singh, it might even have some interesting properties, but I don't know anything about that!

User Image

Picolitrosso's Urn is rumored to contain mysterious secrets and the ashes of something old and powerful. But they're just ashes... we think.

Timmy also wrote something in the letter, though it is very hard to read. "YEEP!!!" he says. I don't even know what that has to do with the new item. What a troubled young man. I do hope they help him with his penmanship.

To buy this lovely urn for yourself or a friend, visit the Gaia Cash Shop. Don't worry, lots of people give urns as gifts. It's not weird.

06/23/08 Cash Shop: OMFG Box Leaving Soon!

[NPC] Flynn
Hey guys, I've got some sad, sad news for you all! We need to clear up some room on our shelves, so the OMFG Box will soon be disappearing from the Cash Shop for good!

Featuring a random assortment of expensive store items, Cash Shop favorites, rare and unreleased stuff, and new, unseen goodies, you never know what's going to be inside the OMFG Box. It could even be something... gruesome.

The OMFG Box will be leaving on Wednesday, June 25th, so get one (or two) while you can!

06/30/08 Cash Shop Update: New Evolving Item!

[NPC] Flynn
Hi, guys! We've got an unexpected treat in the Cash Shop today: I just got a call from Dr. Singh, saying that a cache of incredibly strange and probably dangerous eggs had been found at a sacred site in the mountains, and she's shipping them over to sell as evolving items. I can only guess what might be inside these things, but I'd be really careful if I were you.

User Image

But then again, isn't that half the fun of evolving items? The danger, the mystery, the thrill of the unexpected... anyway, you can pick up the Yama No Tamago in the Cash Shop today!

07/08/08 Cash Shop Update: New Evolving Item - Padmavati's Lotus

User Image This banner first used.

[NPC] Flynn
Well, I was almost having a really nice day... I got a shipment of these gorgeous flowers, and I was thinking "finally, something pretty and normal and non-dangerous," but just as I was reaching into the crate to pick one up, I got a frantic phone call from Dr. Singh telling me to keep them under lock and key and to call her immediately if they showed any signs of change.

User Image

So, yeah, looks like we have another evolving item on our hands. If you can handle a little danger, Padmavati's Lotus really is quite beautiful. I'd take one home myself, but I'm not a big fan of sleeping with one eye open.

You can buy Padmavati's Lotus now in the Gaia Cash Shop, along with plenty of other neat items. Come have a look!

07/22/08 Cash Shop Update: Panda Plush!

[NPC] Flynn
Hi, everyone! I hope you've all been enjoying the Rejected Olympics. It's been a blast to watch the athletes, and I'm glad all the towns can come together for a bit of friendly competition. Meanwhile, a far-off land is preparing for a slightly more serious version of the Olympic Games.

User Image

In the spirit of this year's competition, we've released a roly-poly little plush mascot in the Cash Shop: the Panda Plush! This little fella doesn't look too athletic, but that's not really the point. He might score a zero in gymnastics, but in cuteness he gets a perfect 10.

You can pick one up now in the Gaia Cash Shop. Enjoy the games, both Rejected and official!

07/23/08 Cash Shop Update: Angelic and Demonic Imp Plushies

[NPC] Flynn
Hiya, Rejected Olympians!

I hope you are holding up and keeping properly hydrated. These games can take a lot out of you! In honor of some of our newest participants, we have a brand new set of items available in the Cash Shop!

User Image

Angelic & Demonic Imps Plushies are just waiting to sit on your head or float next to you whispering encouraging words in your ears. I'd be careful about which one I listened to, though. If you'd like to pick up one of these adorable imps for yourself or a friend, come see me in the Cash Shop!

Visit the Gaia Cash Shop

In case you're wondering who these delightful little creatures are, you can learn more about them in the final Rejected Olympics manga, out now!

07/30/08 Bag of Win 2: Win Harder

[NPC] Flynn
Oh, goodness! The Bag of Win is back in the Cash Shop! I'll only be able to keep enough in stock to last a few days, so if you want one, you'd better hurry!

User Image

The new and improved Bag of Win is now available for a very limited time only! If you missed the first Bag of Win, here's your chance to get in on the action.

The Bag of Win is a random grab-bag of valuable items from Gaia stores, Cash Shop items, evolving items, rare boxes and more... plus a crazy new bonus that might blast you into the realm of the wealthy Gaian elite!

If you're insanely lucky, you could pull out an exclusive prize only available in the Bag of Win: Mythrill Coins, which can be sold back to Gaia's shops for massive Gaia Gold jackpots!

There's no way to lose with the Bag of Win, as even the cheapest items inside sell for 5,000 Gold.

08/01/08 Last Chance for the Bag of Win 2!

[NPC] Flynn

The Bag of Win 2 has proven to be a such a big seller that I simply can't keep enough stocked. If you want to grab one for yourself or a friend, you better hurry! As of 12:00pm on August 2nd, they'll be waving goodbye to the Cash Shop.

User Image

The new and improved Bag of Win is now available for a very limited time only! If you missed the first Bag of Win, here's your chance to get in on the action.

The Bag of Win is a random grab-bag of valuable items from Gaia stores, Cash Shop items, evolving items, rare boxes and more... plus a crazy new bonus that might blast you into the realm of the wealthy Gaian elite!

If you're insanely lucky, you could pull out an exclusive prize only available in the Bag of Win: Mythrill Coins, which can be sold back to Gaia's shops for massive Gaia Gold jackpots!

08/19/08 Cash Shop Update: New Evolving Item - Dander

[NPC] Flynn
Hey guys! Ready for a quick Cash Shop update?

Here's some fun news: we've got a brand new evolving item for sale today! After the Rejected Olympics, a lot of Gaians were eager to see more of the little dusty pals they met during the minigames. After a few weeks of checking under couches, we've amassed an impressive stock of Dander.

User Image

You can get these evolving critters now in the Cash Shop. Please hurry-- they're making my allergies act up.

Visit the Gaia Cash Shop

Get Gaia Cash cards at select retailers across the country or directly from Gaia Online. Click here to learn more.

As Dr. Singh and... err... "T-Bone" announced last week, the Dionaesil will be leaving the shop today. A few of our older Cash Shop items will be rotating out on Friday, the 22nd, as well:

Gold BFF Heart Chain
Silver BFF Heart Chain

Grace of Aphrodite
Grace of Eros
My Friend Cupid
Long-stem Pink Rose

Brown bunny hoodie
Brown bun-bun plushie

Have a great day, everyone!

08/26/08 Cash Shop Update: The zOMG! Rumble Box

[NPC] Flynn
Oh dear! I'm battening down the hatches for an all-out stampede in my beautiful store... for a limited time only, I'll be offering the Cash Shop-exclusive zOMG! Rumble Box, an item which puts all previous boxes to shame with its great lineup of expensive, rare and brand-new items.

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When you open a zOMG! Rumble Box, one item will randomly pop out. It may seem like the luck of the draw, but the odds are heavily stacked in your favor. Check out what you might get:

Approximately one in twenty zOMG! Rumble Boxes contain the ultimate Gaia prize: a ticket for a head start on Gaia's upcoming zOMG! MMO. Lucky winners will get to jump in several days ahead of the crowd, putting them first in line to experience the game and collect awesome new zOMG!-only items.

If fortune smiles on you just right, your zOMG! Rumble Box might contain the fabled Fluff Box, a parcel of exclusive, never-before-seen gear inspired by zOMG!, plus a bunch of new items like the Panda Slippers, Lunar Hairpin and Outlaw Wolf Pup.

Even if you don't strike it rich with a crazy new item, this box won't disappoint: it's packed with expensive shop items, evolving items from the Cash Shop, rare gift boxes and much more.

Y'know, I probably shouldn't even tell you about the indescribably cool, incredibly rare OMG Spirit... you'd just get your hopes up.

Have I impressed upon you the urgency of this situation? If you want to grab these dazzling new items, your time is already running out! If you've never checked out the Cash Shop, it's definitely time for a visit... these boxes are going fast!

Visit the Gaia Cash Shop!

Get Gaia Cash cards at Target, 7-11, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart stores nationwide, or order Cash online. Learn more.

P.S.: Don’t miss out!

September is fast approaching, which means August's MCs will soon be gone. You’ve got a few days left to purchase either The Lusty Scoundrel or the epic military history of War of the Warlords.

Two great evolving items are also leaving the Cash Shop: the scandalous Alruna's Rose and the bafflingly dark Furugasa. Both have completed their evolutions, and are now headed for retirement. You still have time to grab both before they disappear–make it snappy though, 'cause they'll be gone on September 2nd!

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09/10/08 The zOMG! Rumble Box: Time is Running Out!

[NPC] Flynn
Hey guys!

Well, we knew this would happen soon enough: zOMG Rumble Boxes have been flying off the shelves here faster than we can restock them, and our inventory is starting to run out! At this rate, zOMG! Rumble Boxes will be totally gone from the Cash Shop by Monday, September 15th.

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If you're looking for your shot at some of the coolest items we've ever sold (I'm still trying for a pair of Panda Slippers myself!), be sure to snag a Rumble Box before Monday. After that, you'll be out of luck!

09/16/08 Cash Shop Update: New Evolving Item - Fallen Wish

[NPC] Flynn
Big, big news, people: we've got a new evolving item in stock today! The Fallen Wish is a shimmering star plucked from the heavens, and I've got a pretty good idea what it might turn into-- I'm not going to ruin the suspense, of course, but here's a hint: think mythological creature. Think big, fierce mythological creature.

Hope I didn't step on Dr. Singh's toes! I'm sure she'll have a few more hints for you on Friday.

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Don't miss your chance go grab a first-generation Fallen Wish now in the Cash Shop! First-gen items are the first to evolve, meaning you get all the new poses before anyone else, and they generally hold a higher value in the Marketplace.

Catch a Fallen Wish Now in the Gaia Cash Shop!

Get Gaia Cash cards at Target, 7-11, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart stores nationwide, or order Cash online. Learn more.

In other Cash Shop news, we've got some familiar items in brand-new colors this week. Snappy dressers, here's your chance to update your wardrobe...

Dashing Gentlemen tuxedo sets now available in Ruby and Topaz!
New gemstone combos for necklaces and earrings: Pearl & Diamond, Pearl & Citrine!

Stop by and browse around! We've got a great selection of interesting items to choose from, and we're getting new stuff all the time. Ciao!

10/01/08 Cash Shop Update: Halloween Horror!

[NPC] Flynn
Boo! Gotcha!

Ha, sorry about that, you guys... I'm the least scary person in the whole world. But I do have some thrilling Halloween news: To kick off October with a bang, we've got a few creepy new items in the Gaia Cash shop!

User Image

New Items

Trick or Treat Tote: Here's a first: a Halloween evolving item! This mischievous little bag of tricks will be available through the month of October only, and it'll be evolving at a pretty rapid pace, with new poses every single week. Do you dare find out what's inside?

Mighty Gargoyle: This massively cool stone protector will keep the evil spirits away with his imposing glare and his fearsome claws.

Deluxe Witch's Cauldron: Got a few leftover eyes of newt a-moldering in the fridge? Throw 'em in the pot and whip up a steaming batch of toil and trouble.

Items Leaving the Cash Shop

It's been a great run, but the Chess Piece set will be leaving the Cash Shop on October 8th. Time is running out to pick up the Devoted Pawn, Valiant Knight, Exalted Rook, Immaculate Bishop, Majestic King and Imperial Queen. Better seize them before they're gone!

Check Out the Gaia Cash Shop!

Get Gaia Cash cards at Target, 7-11, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart stores nationwide, or order Cash online. Learn more.

Keep an eye out for more spooky items coming very soon... I heard the rest of Gaia's shopkeepers have been working round the clock to get all stocked up for their big Halloween updates, and they've got some great stuff coming your way.

10/09/08 Cash Shop Update: The Nightmare Box

[NPC] Flynn
Heya, everyone...

Halloween is fast approaching, and I've got another scary surprise for you all: the Nightmare Box. I'm too nervous to open one up myself, but the deliveryman said they were positively overflowing with creepy goodness.

User Image

Each Nightmare Box contains a random item, ranging from old classics, Cash Shop favorites, and even some brand new and unreleased items. One thing's for certain: the Nightmare Box is filled to the brim with all things dark and foreboding. There's even a chance at some of Gaia's wickedest Nitemare items, including the ultra-expensive Nitemare Headband and Nitemare Bustier.

Visit the Gaia Cash Shop!

Get Gaia Cash cards at Target, 7-11, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart stores nationwide, or order Cash online. Learn more.

The Nightmare Box won't be around long, so grab one (or more) before they're banished to the abyss!

10/21/08 Cash Shop Update: New Premium Evolving Item - Jinxi's Charm

[NPC] Flynn
Hi, guys! Big Cash Shop news... Most of the time, it's me who gets a shipment of some wild item from a far-flung land and imposes it on poor Dr. Singh to study, but this time it's the other way around: the Doc found this creepy little doll in her attic, and asked me to stock it as a premium evolving item.

According to legend, Jinxi's Charm was given to a travelling adventurer by a beautiful young shaman during an expedition to the deep jungle. Details are a little scarce, but apparently the shaman loved the traveler, but he didn't return her affections-- she gave him the doll as both a curse for rejecting her and a symbol of her love.

User Image

So, yeah... that might explain why it's sort of ominous, but still very cute! You can pick up a first-generation Jinxi's Charm now in the Cash Shop. Remember, it's always good to pick up first-gen items when you can: they hold more value in the marketplace, and they evolve before all the other generations.

10/28/08 Cash Shop Update: Get Political!

[NPC] Flynn
We know there are some big political rumblings going on lately, so we've got a couple of items to help you flaunt your party pride: cute Red Elephant and Blue Donkey plushies! Each plushie contains two uncannily realistic masks: the Elephant comes with McCain and Palin, and the Donkey features Obama and Biden.

User Image

You can pick 'em up for a limited time in the Gaia Cash Shop!

11/04/08 Cash Shop Update: New Evolving Item - Infernal Spirit!

[NPC] Flynn

Some excellent Cash Shop news today, you guys: we’ve got a new evolving item coming out! The Infernal Spirit is a fiery tribute to a hero from long ago made by the same author as the Enchanted Book. It begins as a brilliant ball of flame and an antique parchment, but beyond that, it’s a mystery… maybe Dr. Singh can tell us a little more about it this Friday!

User Image
Left to right: Picolitrosso's Urn, Infernal Spirit, Enchanted Book

You can get a first-generation Infernal Spirit now in the Gaia Cash shop! Don’t miss your chance to get one of these babies at the ground floor: first-generation items evolve weeks before later generations, and they tend to be more valuable in the Marketplace.

Get an Infernal Spirit Now!

Get Gaia Cash cards at Target, 7-11, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart stores nationwide, or order Cash online. Learn more.

And don’t forget… time’s running out on some of our greatest evolving items! The following classics will be leaving the Cash Shop this Friday, so act fast:

Enchanted Book

Yama no Tamago

Kelp o’ th’ Loch

11/25/08 The Fortune Egg: Push Your Luck!

[NPC] Flynn

Hey, guys! We've got an incredible new item for you this week in the Cash Shop... the Fortune Egg is totally unlike anything else we've ever released. When you buy a Fortune Egg, you'll see two options:

- Crack the egg open for an instant random prize
- Try to incubate the egg for a shot at a much better prize
Fortune Eggs are packed with rare and valuable items from the past, plus tons of new exclusives-- the further you push your egg's incubation, the better the prizes and the higher the stakes. It takes a gentle touch and nerves of steel... are you up for the challenge?

For more details, check out this little page we set up. Yeah, that's right: this thing is so cool it needs its own homepage.

Try Your Luck with the Fortune Egg

Edit: a bit of Q&A from Gaia's developers.

Q: I got a Glowing Egg. What is it?
A: After you decide to incubate your egg, you'll receive a Glowing Egg. Return to your inventory screen and click the Glowing Egg to see whether your level-up succeeded. You can do this instantly-- you don't have to wait at all during the incubation process.

Q: Do high-level fortune eggs contain any old Monthly Collectibles?
A: The Fortune Egg does not contain any old Collectibles, but if you're very, very, extremely lucky, you may win items previously granted only during special Gaia events. Some of these items are among the most valuable on Gaia.

12/01/08 Cash Shop Update: Copper Twopence & a Note on Evolutions

[NPC] Flynn
Hiya folks! I just receieved a shipment of a super special Holiday-themed evolving item called Copper Twopence.

User Image

It starts off as a simple coin, but when you give your Copper Twopence to a mysterious bard in exchange for a song, it becomes something much more. The song you ask the bard to sing will determine just how the item evolves.

Copper Twopence is now available in the Gaia Cash Shop, and will evolve every week in December. Remember, first-generation items get the newest evolutions first, and fetch a higher price in the Marketplace.

In other news, the beautiful Padmavati's Lotus is leaving the Cash Shop this Friday. If you'd like to pick one up for yourself or a friend, you better act fast!

Visit the Cash Shop

Get Gaia Cash cards at Target, 7-11, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart stores nationwide, or order Cash online. Learn more.

And finally, Dr. Singh is busy helping Purvis with a wheelbarrow-related mishap, so she asked me to let you know that item evolutions will resume later this week. Dr. Singh will tell you all about it when she files her next Evolving Item Report, due Friday.

12/04/08 Cash Shop Update: Aquarium Item Bundles Now Available!

[NPC] Flynn
Hiya guys! Mirai and I have been working together on something special for the holidays: limited-edition Aquarium item bundles. Not only are these bundles filled to the brim with awesome decorations, backgrounds, and fish, but they are way cheaper than buying the items separately. Take a look:

Starter Bundle: Includes tiki head, knight gear, clouds, and bubbler decorations, 4 town backgrounds, Spikey, 3 Arrowfish, and 3 Sharktooth Fish.

Far East Bundle: Everything you need to create an Eastern-themed tank. Includes multiple bamboo plants, clouds, dragon statue, pavilion, lantern, the China background, Hamuhamu, Spiky, and 2 Streamer Fish.

Fish Bundle #1: This valuable bundle boasts a dozen different fish, including Hamuhamu, Lazor Fish, Jellyfish, Seahorse, Starfish, and seven others.

You can find these value-packed bundles on sale now in the Cash Shop!

12/10/08 Cash Shop Update: Thoroughly reckless savings on Bundles!

[NPC] Flynn
Hey, guys! I've been ramping up for the holiday season with some excellent new bundles. These packaged sets of awesome items make great gifts for your friends, your family, or even yourself (go ahead, keep 'em, we won't tell). Check out what's new:

User Image

Evolving Item Bundle: A limited-edition reissue of some of our finest classic Evolving Items! Includes Fausto's Bottle, Tama's Basket, Orindae, Dandiidoodad, all fully evolved and unlocked. Plus, you'll get the exclusive Black Drome Egg, unavailable anywhere else! Please take note of the INCREDIBLE savings on this one, guys.

User Image

2008 Box Bundle: Miss a box the first time around? This bundle includes limited reissues of the OMG Box, OMFG Box, Orphan Adoption Certificate, Nightmare Box, Bag of Win II, and the zOMG! Rumble Box (without the zOMG! early-access ticket, which would obviously be redundant at this point).

User Image

Angelic Item Bundle and Demonic Item Bundle: Collections of some of the best goody-goody light items and sinister dark items from around Gaia's shops. These affordable bundles make awesome gifts for your new Gaian friends who are just getting started in their quests to build the perfect avatar.

Don't miss your chance for some amazing year-end savings on some of our coolest stuff. Happy shopping, Gaians!

12/11/08 Cute holiday items in the Cash Shop!

[NPC] Flynn
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Hey, guys! The holiday gift barrage continues in the Cash Shop with a new shipment of super-cute items. Check out all our great new stuff: the Scottie Plushies, the Dark Ice Set and the adorable Water Meat Set. Have a look around-- there are tons of cool gifts to choose from.

And don't miss your chance to get the fabulous Fortune Egg! It'll be leaving the shops on the 15th, so stock up soon!

12/24/08 Strike It Rich with Gold Gold Revolution

[NPC] Flynn
User Image

Hiya, everyone! I just finished stocking the Cash Shop with something sure to fly off the shelves like hotcakes: the limited-edition Gold Gold Revolution. This shiny new item gives you the chance to spin a wheel loaded with fabulous Gold prizes. How much you win depends on luck, but the top prize is a whopping 1,000,000 Gold!

Gold Gold Revolution is available in a single spin version or a discount-priced 12 spin bundle. These will be selling fast, so be sure to pick one up for yourself or as a last minute holiday gift for a friend!