Ok so, here goes it. I have a lot of problems and in an attempt to clear my mind, i thought i'd write them here. so...first of all i'm schizophrenic. If your schizophrenic friend my btw. Anywhore, it causes me a lot of problems. What's bothering me right now though, is my friend cuts. He's been doing it for a while, and i've been trying extremely hard to stop him. He's my best friend....When i first found out about it a while ago... all i said was "eww". I felt so so bad for that. I'm just really bad at communicating my emotions into words. sad Well, that was a while ago but last night, my friend Isabelle brought it up again. I cried. I didn't mean to say what i said. My friend that cuts told me it was ok and that he cared about me. After the sadness, came the rage. I got so pissed off at Isabelle for bringing up such a touchy subject. it made me want to jump out of a window. scream It was right after i was feeling better. Right after the f*cking voices had stopped. She made them come back again. Now, she said she's sorry about it and is begging me to forgive her...Should I?