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Big book of role play This Journal will be used for anything regarding role play this includes but is not limited to: Characters, Stories, Intro's, And layouts. If you have any questions please feel free to Private message me, If you wish to role play Please message me a

Just An Animal
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Zombie role play Keira intro
A young girl sat, Back to an old brick wall her legs lazily against her chest her feet angled to each other. In the girls left hand a silver Glock 22 is present tears dripped down the young girls eyes, smudging eyeliner. The girl is wearing a Pair of White tights under a black skirt and a blue T-shirt labeled "Wallmart" and a sticker reading "Hello, My name is Keira". 'Keira' her name was brought the Glock up and pulls the top of the gun back and lets go, Allowing the slider to fly forward, a bullet is now loaded into the chamber of the small hand pistol. The young girl raised the gun slowly to her chin before letting out a scared croaking noise. Her finger slowly reaches to the trigger but she stops a moment, and lowers the gun. She slowly opened her mouth quietly speaking to herself " I gotta get the f*ck out of here..." She spoke as she raised her small body off the ground, As she spoke a loud screech was herd Echoing through the hallway off the apartment building then the rough sound of fast stumbled foot steps, Keira quickly raised the gun to aim, walking backwards down the hallway, 'Wheres that f*cking coming from?' the thought raced in her head. Just then Keira would bump into what she thought was a human, She quickly turned to see a man in his late twentys, bleeding from the mouth and eyes he lunged at her, but in time she pulled the trigger, a 9mm shell flew from the chamber and landed into the creatures throat, It stumbled back just as the young girl fired several more shots till the sound of a *Click was herd* the chamber was stuck back and the creature was still coming.

I had never run faster... How the hell do I kill these things holy sh*t! I can remember running very fast up the stairs, making my way to the roof. I herd now more than one of them on my trail as I made it to the roof It was f*cking Anarchy. Guns and explosions are everywhere, Large groups of people took to the streets and we're trying to fight the groups of these.. Crazy people. I turned around quickly to see one lunging at me, I side stepped and he lunged straight off the freaking Edge, If I wasn't so scared I would have laughed my ass off. A large black hawk helicopter landed in front of me and a few US marines jumped off aiming their guns at me "I'm not one of them" I screamed at the top of my lungs and covered my face.. As if that was gonna do something. I soon felt the soft arms of someone wrapping around me and lifting me off the ground f*ck me, am I THAT small? I couldn't help but bury my face into the mans armpit I was so scared and I'm being pampered for once. "I work at wallmart" I remember repeating a good fifteen times before I felt the grip on my release, I was softly placed into the helicopter and off we went I was safe.. Or so I thought.

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