sooo, this is just a random avi description i wrote last night. i couldn't sleep and i remembered how cool i thought my cousins avi was. So i thought i would try my hand at coming up with something. i know its not very good, but i hope you like it. sad
Thank you to anyone who decides to take a look :3

Endlessly he wanders, lost and forlorn.
A mechanical mask covering his face.
Society told him to wear it, to cover his hideous features.
But it keeps him forever separated.
Never has he known a loving touch, only hateful cries.
Only angry, afraid actions.
For he is a monster and he must keep it hidden.
But still. He holds onto hope.
The tiny hope that someday, someone will love him.
Someone will ask him to remove his mask and they will not run away from him.
Perhaps that person is..