Day #3

+ Food i eat today

xxxxxxxxxxxxx - Breakfast: Jelly and plantillas

xxxxxxxxxxxxx -Lunch: 2 boiled eggs

xxxxxxxxxxxxx -Dinner: Ramen

+ How i felt today:

+ What was on my mind:

+ The Hardest Part of the day:
Hearing him from so far away and remember that i could not hug me or kiss me

+ Plans for tomorrow: i dont really know yet. i KNow i need to pass by the postal office and such... probably gym. Hoping to be more motivated

+ Free corner:

I really miss him. I find myself crying for no reason, and i am rally starting to think that i am depressed or something ;< i dont like being like this. I crave human affection from his part, but i am afraid to ask .... cause i know he might take it the wrong way being so far away and all

+ song of the day

~ What i did for love

+ what i wish i could have done:

I wanted to go shopping with him. I miss having him around for that. He is funny and well reminds me i got to eat.... my diet has gone to hell since he left. I wish that i coul hve him here in my arms again but nope thats not going to happen till february (( hopefully not later , so ill cross my figers hide my pain and try to smile)

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