tenka~mom! Mom! Look what I do?
He ran to ann while she was folding the laundry. When she turned to him, she saw him with a blob of floating water in his hands
tenka~uncle haku can do this too right?

Some ways away from them, zabuza and haku showed up, and saw tenka manipulating the water
zabuza~ann won't do anything. She won't hurt him for being able to do that
he held haku back when he flinched forward
zabuza~calm down. Look
tenka had dropped the ball of water and was now being hugged
zabuza~i know this was exactly the same scenario as you, but ann won't hurt him. This is a different time. Kiba knows about what happened too. He won't hurt them either

ann~w-where is reiketsu and koneko? They need to know too
tenka~they're in the field with shima and akamaru. Should I get them? mom used their full names. This is serious...
ann~do you know where your father is?
tenka~he got called out for a mission and took one of the other dogs to see how well they do with a partner
ann~okay. That explains why akamaru's home...go get them and meet me in the living room
tenka nodded and ran off. Zabuza and haku came over and helped her up
zabuza~guess it's time to explain?
haku hugged her tight
ann~sorry I scared you, but you know I wouldn't hurt him for that
zabuza~and you know we'd never take him away either, but still worried
ann~okay...come on, you guys need to help me explain

reiketsu~what do you need with all of us?
ann~well...tenka? Would you like to show?
he made the water from a cup float
koneko~how de we know it's not uncle haku doing that?
haku~try turning it into ice
tenka~i can't...
haku~shape it into a square
he scrunched his face and tried, then lost control and made a mess
reiketsu~okay so that was tenka. Now why is he able to when you can't?
ann~that's what I wanted to explain
zabuza~have you three taken health yet?
koneko~yeah...the puberty talk and where babies come from
zabuza~alright. How much of biology was covered? Did they explain twins and triplets?
reiketsu~yes they did, now get to the point
zabuza~definitely momochi. He might end up being a carrier ann
ann~yeah. okay reiketsu, the point is that tenka is technically your half brother
koneko~so we're not triplets?
haku~you three are. There's at least ten people who can confirm
tenka~then...when you and dad were...haku was...
ann~yeah...*blush* look...i had ended my period, zabuza was gone for a few days, and we were watching a chick flick. One thing lead to another, and the idea of having bloodlines be carried on came up. Look, I wanted to help haku, and this is what I thought of
koneko~what about dad?
ann~he was supportive after hearing why and letting it sink in
reiketsu~what about the consequences of the dead having a child then?
ann~we're still settling that. Right now i'll have some years taken from my life span and spend a few earth years in hell
ann~i have friends in limbo, heaven is considered a priviledge, and I don't mind hell. Which is why a few earth years. It was the best they could do to make me miserable
tenka~will I be living with them now?
ann~only if you want to. And you don't need to call zabuza or haku dad either
tenka~nothing needs to change then?
ann~not at all. Well except your training
tenka~i don't want anything to change then!
zabuza~good choice kid. We wouldn't be great parents anyway
ann~i still think you're better than dad. At least you'd fight with me
zabuza~that was the reason why ane hated auron for a while
reiketsu~hey, koneko and tenka has a kekkei genkai, when will I get one?
ann~well...if you had received the inuzuka bloodline you should have already gained a companion. If you got mine, you'll be 15...sooner if someone you love will die
reiketsu~so I still need to wait another 5 years?!
haku~he's just like you zabi
zabuza~only because he's more momochi
reiketsu~then I might not even get it?!
koneko~nii-chan's being funny
reiketsu~you wouldn't find it very funny if you weren't able to speak to ryko
koneko pouted and hit him
ann~cut it out you two, even if you don't have a blood line rei, you'll still be powerful. That's one aspect you do have and can take advantage of
reiketsu~still not the same...
ann~start acting up at school just a little bit. They'll start freaking out
zabuza~that's a good idea?
ann~of course it isn't. That's hwy it is
koneko~that doesn't make sense...
haku~isn't this momochi thing a bit far?