Here I will be compiling a list of all the anons and/or gaians that I know of that have gifted me awesome prezzies this holiday season c:
I'm really excited to open them all!! biggrin I canNOT wait for Christmas! cx
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! heart

Bad Lvck Brian
Anon ♥
Ouni - Chan
Anon ♥
Bad Lvck Brian (again! emotion_kirakira )
Nylon Nibbles emotion_kirakira
Anon - Lady Deathwield ♥
Bad Lvck Brian (again!!! (so many presents from one person, halp) emotion_kirakira )
Expecto Kedavra
Elinoe (A wish list item?! No matter what, this present will be a hit for sure ^-^ ♥)
Hiro Minosh
Sex With A Blender
Anon♥ (Something from my wish list?! *flails* whee )
Choxiie (again?! ♥)
Grace Gubreez (the song was beautiful! emotion_kirakira )
Anon ♥
The Crimson Fairy (tits are nice)

In truth, I received quite a few more gifts but lost count and forgot to update this entry with each PM I got. xc I sowwy.

I'm insanely thankful for all the prezzies I get to open c: