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I don't write daily, just when important things happen.
Well, todayyesterday(when I began writing it was past midnight) was my birthday and I'm totally not done fangirling about it.
I want you to see by bag and be jealous. emotion_dowant My hat is super awesome too. emotion_yatta

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That's our hideous kitchen. It's actually really cute when viewed as a whole.
And MY cupcakes damnit! RAWR! None for you. ninja
Aren't I cuuute??
I should get more outfits like that. That sort of top really works for me.
My eyes are shaded, but it's a good pic nonetheless. 3nodding
Oh, sorry. You can't see my top. Oh well. You will another day, surely.
OOOooo here's another cute one....

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It was delicious.

I've been needing good jammas and a robe for so long....and when I finally get them, they're too hot to sleep in. -snorts-

I also got Perler Beads--Google it--and Tina's gift will be late, so I'll be getting another bead set! She said it's different colors.
Judy sent the owl bag. God, that girl knows me so well. She said in her card that she'd fill it with crafty stuff very soon. Ahhhhh!!!! More stamps!!!

But I can't be too greedy here. Calm down, Sarah....-breathes-
I got gifts over Gaia too. Thank you daddy and Anon!! I won't sell them, I promise.
The last time I had the Polar Tear, I sold it. I'm not smart with money. I'm really not.

On to the real reason I made this post...-breathing is steady-
I'm 27 and not ashamed. Why would anyone be ashamed to get older?? How the hell is getting older a bad thing? Yes, you get wrinkles, but that's a small price to pay for another year of life, don't ya think? Be happy that you have those wrinkles. They're there because you put them there from facial expressions. They're there because you've laughed and thought and cried. Why the hell would you be ashamed of these things? They're part of life. Anyone who hasn't laughed and cried and thought hasn't lived.
I'm proud to be this age. And I'll be proud when I'm 34 and my face starts to droop. My ankles and knees are starting to have problems, but damnit, I ******** earned these aches. I have used my body to it's fullest, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Dude, life is to be lived. My mother is 65 years old. She's attractive and does not look 65. Why? Because she takes care of herself. She has all these years. She dresses correctly. She knows her own body limitations.
Yes, I will still wear make up 20 years from now, but I won't be ashamed of being older. Being old means you have lived life. Your aches are badges of honor saying, "I've done my job damnit. Now you take care of me."
Be proud to get older, man.
I, personally, can't wait to have pearly white hair or whatever shade it will be. I'm gonna die it red and all those colors I've been too scared to try because of what it will do to my beautiful color!

When I die, I want it to be of old age.
I want my body to be saying, "I've held on as long as I could, old bean, but now it's time to go. Say goodbye to all your friends, now."
I can't wait to be old and respected and have all these amazing stories and help out young folks who come to me asking for knowledge. I will have it!
I won't say looks aren't important, because, they may be skin deep, but they do have a huge influence on how people see you.

Being young is great! We're at the peak of our physical....ness. We can do anything! But damnit, use the young days of life to cherish. USE that young body. Don't let youth pass you by.

Ok. yes. I went overboard there.
I'm not gonna go bunjee jumping or defying death, but...put the body to use.
Eating is great. I love eating. Milky ways and Reeces are amazing, but so is broccoli or spinach man! Everyone has their own individual tastes, but ....keep that young, beautiful, amazing body in use is what I'm saying. Do something with your body.
Your youth will pass by without you even realizing it. Don't let it. Enjoy your youth. You'll be looking back on these days soon enough.

My point is be happy to get old. There's no point in longing for the days when you were young; don't dwell on that crap. You've lived those days/years out. They're not coming back.
"Yea but if they could..."
If? Uhhm excuse me? There is no "if".
You don't have a choice.
IF you did, I'm sure you would have taken it; I would have taken it too. But there is no "if".
The past is the past so leave it there. It happened and that's that. I'm sorry yours sucks, so did mine. Don't let it dictate the future. That's when you're a failure.
IF I could go back and choose another dad, I wouldn't be the amazing and strong female that I am now. It wasn't my choice anyway, and it never will be.
Like the toddlers at work say, "Ya get whatchya get and don't throw a fit!"

The past is there to be remembered and learned from, but that's it.
Look forward to the future.
My dad was a monster; he will not be in my future. That is a choice I can make.

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