Chris Treborn is a fully certified holyman, known by many as Father Treborn. As such, he has several abilities befitting of a holyman that allow him to perform acts in support of the needy.


Sacred Flame: Sacred Flame allows Father Treborn to conjure holy fire. Though mostly for heating food or lighting candles for the needy, Father Treborn can throw small fireballs or emit a small stream of fire to attack.

Baptism: Baptism allows Father Treborn to conjure holy water. Though mostly to allow the needy to drink when thirsty, Father Treborn can conjure a stream of it to knock people over, get them wet, or put out fires.

Divine Wind: Divine Wind allows Father Treborn to conjure holy wind. Though intended for putting air into sails or power windmills, Father Treborn can make powerful gusts to knock people over or deflect weak projectiles.

Heaven's Smite: Possibly Father Treborn's only power intended for attack, Heaven's Smite allows Father Treborn to summon a powerful bolt of lighting to strike the enemy from above. Though powerful, it is useless if there is a conductor nearby to draw it like a lightning rod, and cannot be used inside where the sky can't be reached.


Sanctuary: Sanctuary erects a sphere of white light around Father Treborn and any around him. This field sanctifies the surrounding area against any nearby dangers or hostility, including a raging fire, suffocating darkness, a collapsing building, or even the advances of people or beings with hostile intent. Father Treborn can keep the sanctifying field up for a total of 24 hours straight before he must spend another 24 hours recovering.

Guardian Angel: An auto ability that is always on, Father Treborn cannot die unless the death is either just or heroic. If he suffers a fatal injury from an act that is neither just nor heroic, he will merely rise again with the wounds at a non-fatal level anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours after he seemingly dies.


Purification: Purification allows Father Treborn to purge all impurities from the subject. This includes healing wounds, diseases, toxins, afflictions, conditions, and scarring. It has a one hundred percent success rate and works on virtually any ailment, even those suffered for a long time, and especially those inflicted from darkness or demonic power. Father Treborn can even cherry-pick which ailments he purifies from the subject, allowing them to keep any ailments they want, such as a beneficial curse, a wanted blindness, or Autism. A full purification is incredibly taxing on Father Treborn, though, and can only perform two a day before he must recover.

Exorcism: Exorcism allows Father Treborn to purge any and all magic or spiritual connections from the subject. This includes even the most powerful curses and even life or death possessions. It is, however, incredibly taxing on Father Treborn, and he can only perform one a week before he must recover. It also requires some salt and wood ash as a catalyst, with the amount dependent on the severity of the curse or possession.

Resurrection: Father Treborn can, indeed, raise the dead. But not freely. To do so requires the body to be in perfect condition, such as all wounds stitched up, and for the death to have been within a year of the Resurrection. Father Treborn also requires a number of catalyst items that disappear when the Resurrection is complete. Father Treborn can also only perform one once a year.

Confession: A rather odd healing power, Confession only heals the subject of their inner turmoil or worries. Should Father Treborn ask the subject what is wrong with this power active, they will feel compelled to tell Father Treborn everything they are worried about, that is bothering them, or they are conflicted about. This can take some time, but the second they are done, they will feel as if an immense weight has been lifted from their shoulders, and they may even feel clarity over matters they were confused about. This high can last for some time before the weight of their matters is upon them again, that is, if they hadn't figured out a solution during the high. In addition, an odd object will appear on a surface next to them after they are done confessing. This object appears to be a palm-sized lump of dried paint, and feels like it, too. It can be any color or combination of colors, usually unique to the person. Though Father Treborn is rather elusive about what these objects do, he advises them to keep it on their person or in reach at all times, as it might save them from a new problem that arises.


Benediction: Benediction blesses a person or object with holy power, offering them protection or abilities useful against the powers of darkness or demons. These blessings can also have different effects, such as boosting strength, resistance to injury, running speed, regenerative healing, etc. They are surprisingly easy to use for Chris Treborn, as he can perform up to five a day.

Divine Intervention: A powerful ability, Divine Intervention removes any invulnerabilities or natural or magical immunities the subject might have. For example, it would make an enemy naturally fireproof now vulnerable to fire. It essentially allows allies to strike at the substantial body beneath any natural, magical, mental, or spiritual defenses the enemy may have, but Father Treborn can only use it three times a week, and even then only on one target at a time. It also works on objects protected by special power.


Divination: By touching someone, flesh-on-flesh, Father Treborn can view a complete knowledge of their past, even if the person doesn't know their own past, a bit about their present, and some fleeting glimpses of their future. It is a bit taxing on Father Treborn, though, and he can only perform three a day.

True Sight: True Sight allows Father Treborn to activate a different way of viewing the world. Though this allows him to see in the dark, even magical darkness, this only scratches the surface. True Sight allows Father Treborn to get a readout on the aspects and statistics of what he looks at, as well as see through illusions and view others for what they really are.

Alchemy: With little effort whatsoever, Father Treborn can transmute water into wine of the highest quality. He can even do this with his own conjured holy water.

Last Supper: An interesting but useful ability, Last Supper allows Father Treborn to conjure pieces of light, fluffy, warm bread. He can conjure a surprising amount of it. Obviously, it's intended to feed the needy, but Father Treborn often uses it to pay for services or goods, as he has taken a vow of poverty. Though he claims there's a limit to how much bread he can conjure per day, this limit seems to be fairly large. Aside from being delicious and nourishing, the bread Father Treborn conjures has no special or magical qualities.

Water Walk: A rather unusual ability, and of limited use, Father Treborn can stand, walk, run, crawl, kneel, sit, etc. on the surface of the water as if it were solid ground. Father Treborn can use the ability all he wants, oddly enough.

Purgatory: Purgatory is a pocket dimension where Father Treborn can store a limited number of his belongings. He mostly uses it for supplies and ammunition for his guns.


Witch's Curses: Dual revolvers that fire perfectly round stones from the holy pilgrimage roads of Gaia Prime. The stones can ricochet off surfaces and toward enemies.

Holy Shotgun: A shotgun that looks like a cross when viewed from above. An all-around holy weapon with every piece of it individually blessed, it has a wide spread and a lot of force behind its buckshot.

Crucifier: An automatic rifle that shoots rapid-fire nails capable of pinning things to walls. The nails can even be picked up and re-used, though Father Treborn carries plenty in Purgatory.

Shroud of Moses: A defensive item, this brown cloth can block almost any attack, and even deflect projectiles back at the attacker when swung. Father Treborn keeps it in Purgatory and calls it out at any time.

Godhands: Golden knuckledusters inscribed with holy symbols, smithed from gold consecrated by the church, forged in sacred flame, and cooled in holy water. Pack a surprising punch. Used by Father Treborn's bodyguard, Sister Jeanne.

Purger: A crossbow that fires silver bodkins (bolts). A very useful holy weapon for long-range attacking. Used by Father Treborn's bodyguard, Sister Jeanne.

Spear of Destiny: Supposedly the spear that killed the first messiah. Said to be capable of killing Father Treborn regardless of a just or heroic death, so imagine what it could do to actual gods. Used by Father Treborn's bodyguard, Sister Jeanne.