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Vampire Realm
"And how do you suggest we find it?"

Sora was moving fast, it was hard to keep up with her as we wove in and out of the hallways of the Galaxy crystal. It wasn't the first time we'd been in here, but it didn't change the fact that the power level was overwhelming. It was like trying to breath stone, and with out Galexy to act as our shield we out of breath and slowing down.

"Galaxy's library is infinite, there are books beyond number in there and no order or catalog to tell us which is it we need!"

"I don't care. We have to try, and it's our only hope." Sora was practically growling, and even though I agreed with her on every possible level. It was just the two of us left, and two people looking for something in an endless number of books...we'd never find the cure to bring me back. To bring anyone back.

We reached the library then, the doors swinging open and revealing a room of shelves that stretched out into infinity in every direction. It never ceased to take my breath every time we came in here. Every book ever written, every book that had yet to be written, the books of fate and death and life for every universe and dimension. There was no number for how many there was, no measure that could possible even begin to reach an accurate depiction of it all.

"I-I...I'm not even really here Sora." I moved to the nearest shelf, lifting a hand to try and pull a book down, but instead feeling my fingers slipped through it. I turned to look at her, and my heart fell at the expression on her face. "I can't help you find it, I can't help you do anything."

The only thing holding me here was our connection, the elemental link that held us all together. I had been the first to die, snapping it into pieces. Butterfly had managed through her pain to link me back...to capture a part of me before I could go to wherever it was that things like me went. Things that existed without fates, who weren't in the books...didn't belong in heaven or hell. Then the others had slipped away one by one, leaving only Sora, and the strain of carrying all of our powers had started to show hours ago. Her green eyes looked like stained glass with shards of blue and gold and gray. Her hair had streaks of brown and black in it, but the worst part was her skin. The water, fire, earth, air, and steel hadn't been in the same body in so long and Sora's wasn't strong enough to hold them all. Pieces of her skin were charred, a patch on her cheek was flaking away in copper colored rust, and other things I couldn't see.

"I'll figure this out." She said, giving me a reassuring smile before turning back to the books.

I could hear her begin to mutter a spell, but I didn't understand the words and she was talking to fast either way. Her arms extended from her sides and she seemed to reach out to the shelves, which shook as one by one books began to fall into the air. They hovered for a moment before moving towards her. At first it was one at a time but more and more books took to the air, the room filling with the sounds of turning pages.

Instinct had me duck even though the books would have gone right through me. They were going faster now, kicking up a wind as they circled her, pages turning violently to some unseen breeze. Pages were torn from them, and words were torn from the pages, glowing as they circled around her in a vortex of information.

I tried to yell stop, tried to do something as realization over what was happening sank in, but it was too late. Sora had been lifted off the ground by the force of her spell. The books, the words, they became a deadly tornado around her, those words ringing out in a thousand different voices and she was absorbing it all.

It wasn't even a thousand books before she started to feel pain. Her head tossed back and she screamed, eyes wide as the books went faster and faster, leaping off the shelves in groups of ten.

I screamed for her to stop, but my words were lost in the drone of voices, so loud it had become one long constant roar of noise.



It was her voice, and at the same time it wasn't It boomed through the room and as it did the books collapsed to the ground in a crash that sent the books shelves all around us toppling to the floor. Pages and dust flew everywhere, and in the middle of it all was Sora; on arm burnt beyond recognition, the other the color of waterlogged flesh, her left side almost down to her knee had vines and roots digging painfully into her skin, her face was half rusted, and the wind had rubbed patches of her chest raw. She looked like she was falling apart, but she held one book in her hands, and when she turned to me she was grinning.

"I found it."

Then she wavered, and collapsed.

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