This is just a profile that I need to save for a friend of mine. Pay no attention to it, I just don't have Microsoft Word working right now.

I am called Knight
Though some call me by no name
My gender is male
My age is young adult- I've been on this earth for 54 lunar-cycles ( four years, six months)
My Past Has Been Like This - I was born as the runt of a lone family. I had been taunted by my fellow littermates, and I soon abandon my own family. I returned one day after seasons of training myself into the strong warrior I am today. I challenged them to a battle... such cocky individuals. I beat both of them. After revealing the separation of my parents, we never spoke again.
I've been told I act like someone valiant, gold-hearted, with a civil mind and the power for protection- some use the word 'chivalry' to describe me
I like hunting elk & antelopes