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This journal isn't just for show!
ideas, unfinished works, finished works and things that make you wonder why I even keep a journal anyway
Flight xxx: Rage Against the So-called Traitor
The atmosphere was tensed up, I can't believe it! I was actually a trainee for the Wildwings until I left? But then, judging from the girls' expressions..I guess I did hurt them a lot..

"Taeng-unnie, Are you alright there? I brought you some snacks..you must be tired from all that studying" Hayeon said as she went inside the older girl's room and placed some food on the desk. Taeyeon, who was snapped from her trance thanked her little sister and she was left alone again.

"I still can't get over what Commissioner Kwon said though" she muttered softly to herself as she tried to study once again.

At Jessica's house, Tiffany was also spacing out. "Tiff, you should snap out of it..you're spacing out and I'm not liking it:" the blonde muttered as she shook her friend's shoulder repeatedly.

"Ack!!! Hawk-01 reporting for duty!!!" Tiffany accidentally blurted out, here the older girl sighed "Seriously, Tiff..I know you're still angry and confused with what happened..but please try not to let it ruin your day,,"

Tiffany decided to take a deep breath and think for a while, she looked at her friend confidently "You're right Jessi, call up the other girls..we're going out to a little trip at the mall"

"Now that's the Tiffany that I know!" Jessica gave out a wide smile as she picked up her phone and started to call the other girls.

Back at home, Taeyeon was still engrossed in her studies. Her mom soon recieved a call from Sooyoung. After a while..

"Taeyeon, Sooyoung wants to talk to you!"

In the midst of conversation, Taeyeon tried not to join the girls but..

"Taeyeon..you should really stop acting so lonely, just be grateful that you have good friends like us.."

"I- Soo......"

"So that's a yes, right Taeng?"

"Alright, I'll join..because you're my good friends.."

"That's the spirit, Taeyeon!! We'll meet you up at the mall later!"

"What have I gotten myself into?" Taeyeon sighed and went upstairs to take a shower.

Meanwhile, at Eternally 20...

"I'm so glad you girls were able to join us here for some quality girl bonding" Tiffany smiled as she turned around while holding a dress.

"Yeah, bonding time is good and all..but where's the chow?" Yoona rubbed her stomach cutely, here Tiffany replied:

"Be patient Yoong, I'm just gonna fit this lovely dress.." The girl smiled and walked towards the dressing room. The former gave out a soft growl.

"Uhh Sica, when did Tiffany start to call snake dresses "lovely"?" Yuri rubbed her chin, here Jessica muttered: "I don't know..we're best friends..but there are times where I don't get her.." then she shrugged afterwards.

At the lobby, Taeyeon finally met up with Soo, Sunny and Hyoyeon who were smiling and waving frantically. After much fanfare, they decided to go window shopping. Here, they passed by Eternally 20..

Taeyeon's spine shivered at the sight ahead of her, it was Tiffany..wearing a snake-print dress. The girls surrounding Tiffany appeared to be Jess, Yuri, Yoong and Seohyun. Although their backs were turned, Taeyeon was able to recognize them, with a jolt..she ran quickly.

"What hit Taeyeon?" Sunny asked with concern as she saw her friend run further away.

"Maybe she needs to pee?" Hyoyeon said with snark in her voice, here Sunny ran towards Taeyeon and gripped her hand.

"Taeng, what is going on here? Did something happen?" The older girl nodded.

At a restaurant, the three girls were listening intently to what Taeyeon was saying. She was looking at the windows back and forth to see if the girls were passing by.

"So, you're avoiding them because they're mad at you and stuff?" Sunny asked, hTaeyeon meekly nodded once again.

"Taengoo, Taengoo, Taengoo..avoiding never solved disagreements. Besides, it happens to everyone..so just swallow the bitter pill and smile"

"But will they forgive me?"

"Yeah, because being unforgiving is a bad thing..believe me! So keep your chin up Taeyeon..and give me a smile"

Taeyeon smiled, but it was obviously forced..Sooyoung chided her for it "Come on Taeyeon, that's not your signature smile..wait, I know!!! Think of happy things"

"Think of happy things eh?" Taeyeon thought to herself, here she took a deep breath and started to imagine the happy faces of her groupmates. Working and laughing together like they used to be..

"That's it Taeyeon!! Bravo!! See, you look a lot better when you smile" Sooyoung and the other girls smiled back as well. Here, the older girl laughed while Sunny and Hyoyeon were arguing once again..

"Its been a while since I felt this happy"


"It seems that the Eagle and her fellow Wildwings aren't on speaking terms, huh?" Acedis said as she observed what was going on the crystal panel.

"Yes, and its up to us to take advantage of this.."Irato smirked while rubbing his palms together.

"And I have the perfect plan, watch out Wildwings..the end is near.." Invid soon disappeared out of the area along with Irato. Acedis just shook her head and went back to sleep.


"Finally, shopping time is over..come on guys!! Let's eat!!" Yoona grinned widely, Seohyun patted her back "Calm down Yoong, we'll get there alright..besides, look at Fany-unnie..she looks pretty happy" the younger girl smiled at the short-haired girl who looked very satisfied..

"Of course Seobaby, I'm happy because I got some new clothes and I shopped with all of you..what's the worst that could happen" Soon, a loud boom was heard.

"Oh shi-" Jessica muttered as she saw Irato, Invid and their mooks surrounding them. Time soon stopped as Irato raised up his hand. Here, he gave out an evil laugh and said:

"You girls are outnumbered..and I stopped time, now you can't escape!"

"And without your precious Eagle, you can't beat us" Irato added. Here Tiffany gave them a fierce glare."We can beat you, even without Taeyeon..we did it before, and we can do it again" She growled, and with a signal..

"Change Up!!!!" All five girls yelled out, and with a flash of light..they changed into the Wildwings.

The girls soon targeted the mooks, but then they realized that they were "invincible" Seohyun and Yuri tried to hit them at the core, but failed to do so.

Tiffany was starting to be concerned, usually her teammates would easily defeat the underlings. Invid soon gave out a smirk and started to attack with Irato.

"That's it..let's ignore the mooks and try to deflect their attacks" Jessica soon formed a large shield with her hands, the other girls went behind her back.

"So you girls are planning a defense huh? Let's see how long could you withstand this!" With a crack of his whip, the mooks started to surround the girls and fired their beams at them.

"M-must concentrate..or this shield will break down!!" Jessica was starting to be frustrated, the beams were not that powerful..but in multiple shots, it was starting to be a pain.

"Swan, keep on concentrating..I'll try to fire off Invid" Seohyun calmly said as she tried to aim, but her concentration was also put off when the mooks tickled her.

"Seriously, you guys are tickling Owl?! That's a new low for you guys.." Yoona decided to take things into hand by throwing a mook recklessly, here another mook decided to fire towards her visor.

"First you tickle Owl, then you blinded Falcon with your beams? Stop fighting dirty and come at us and play fair!!" As soon as Yuri yelled, Irato lunged at her and choked her neck.

"Well, you said you want us to fight fair..there you go!! Experience the power of the Seven Sins Cult!!" While preparing to stab Yuri, a burst of flame was shot towards his hand.

"And you have just witnessed the power of the Wildwings" Tiffany posed confidently as she blew the smoke out of her Hawk Cannon.

"I-I..that's it..Invid!! Bring out your secret weapon, let's show these cocky youngsters the true power of evil!!" The ground started shaking, a weird form rose above the ground as it smashed the mall's ceiling.

"Here it is, rising from the depths of hell comes ViceKaiser!!" The girls were shocked at the sight of the titanic monster in front of them.

"So, will you girls finally give in to us?"

"No, we won't give in to any of you cultists!!" The girls braced themselves up.

"Well then, we'll just do what we do best.." Invid and Irato laughed evilly as they instructed ViceKaiser to attack the girls. With the mooks immobilizing them, the Wildwings were not able to fight back.

Demonic laughter filled the air as the area, and as the smoke cleared, the girls were gone..


"There has been a mysterious fire at the second floor, please vacate the mall immediately.."

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