I've decided not to worry so much about the guy, if he likes me he likes me, but I don't want to be anything more then friends and I'm going to focus on my artwork again, writing as well, I'm going to actually live my life again which is something I wasn't doing for a while because I got so obsessively crazy about talking to this guy. The truth is, he's just a guy, he's not my future, or my life, I'm making my life not some guy, so I'm going to focus on making my life better on my own. I've started getting better with designing clothes for stupid zwinky, but you know its okay that its for a stupid site, maybe if I get good enough they'll pick or use one of my outfits for once or maybe I'll get good enough I can create outfits or clothes for real. I'm going to write more again soon as well, possibly learn how to do display pics for imvu, I'm going to focus on everything I was focusing on BEFORE I lost my laptop. Feeling pretty good about everything right now as well.