Nov. 14th, 2013.

Log 1.

I have been on Gaia for awhile now. So this entry will be long. But where do I begin? Well I should introduce myself. I am Super "the Black Dragon" Nightsong. I am 18 and male. I have been on other sites before and as always, I get into fights because someone messes with me. I am the internet's outcast. but the my friend got me started on this site. I was afraid that it will have people being mean to others, but I was wrong (for now). I made tons of new friends and they kept giving me gifts because I was still new. I still need to return the favor.
I met Atoliangel. She is nice and sweet, like my girlfriend I had on Tumblr once. Though my girlfriend deleted her blog and it's bee months since then. Atoliangel says she's a ghost because people will ignore her. But I promise her that I won't ignore her. She let me live in her neighborhood on Gaia. I like It on Gaia. This place is awesome.
I went on zOMG and it was fun, yet hard. but I got through. I love Zen Garden. I made myself the Samurai there. My friend got my a Kimono to look like a Samurai. Later, I met MAD HATTER ARTIST, my mistress. She is also nice. I love her a lot. Dating her on Gaia now and we both want to see each other in reality. I promised her that we will see each other. I will find her.
Recently, I used a potion and changed my gender on Gaia. It was fun. I acted like a girl and got people to think I was a girl till I told them that I was a guy. Though I used another potion to become male again. I made a second account but then let my sister have it since I only need one account. Her name is Female Super. She is my twin. She was liking Gaia till a group of people criticised her and her friends for being lesbians.
Not cool. I tried to help sis and her friends and the group of haters threaten to report us. Me for harassment. Actually, it is those haters that are harassing my sis and her friends. But I don't remember the haters names. They made sis cry. I will never forgive them for hurting sis. Remember, everyone. Do not criticise someone for who they are. We are all human beings. If my sis is a lesbian, fine. That is who she is and no one should hate her for that.

Sign, Commander Super "the Black Dragon" Nightsong. Samurai of Gaia.